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Novel - Unrivaled Medicine God - Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2214 - Just Running an Errand hurt cakes

Even without divine fact, His Excellency’s invincible might still could never be broken!

Powerhouses that crossed that discolored brand all passed away.

… …

Over ten overdue-level Empyrean ultra powerhouses transferring out, how alarming was the commotion?

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Incredible Eagle Imperial City’s atmosphere, unhappy cries unexpectedly sounded out. The dead bodies of plenty of powerhouses declined straight down in succession.

Individuals powerhouses who got not crossed the fishing line yet transformed paler with fright and halted one after a different. How could they still dare to advance?

Overlook the demon race’s Perfect Emperor, regardless if Sacred Ancestor Significant Priest arrived particular person, also, he would not dare to respond atrociously inside the our race’s territory!

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When performed this boy’s collection structure attainments grow to be so strong too?

Abruptly, everyone’s gazes s.h.i.+fted to Ye Yuan, getting incredibly amazed!

No idea why, all those phrases coming from Ye Yuan’s mouth area had been so persuasive.

The Wayward Prince

Pilljade, your eye-sight will be as inadequate as just before!”

“Wanting to block the total The southern area of Boundary Alliance by pulling a brand, you, this cripple, also are overestimating your very own ability an excessive amount of!”

No clue why, the phrases coming out of Ye Yuan’s lips had been so genuine.


The big images in the Southern Boundary Alliance’s aspect also all shook their heads one after yet another and may not assistance giggling.

Types of determine was High Priest Stardrive? Who possessed this qualification as a way to make him run an errand?

Everyone investigated Ye Yuan with horrified facial looks, just as if that they had seen a malefic star.


Inside a small dozens above breaths, there have been 1000s of Empyreans and Correct G.o.ds that decreased.

… …

The important shots in the The southern part of Border Alliance’s section also all shook their heads one after one more and can not assist laughing.

In virtually an immediate, the The southern part of Edge Alliance’s section endured serious casualties.

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The time this person showed up, the facial looks of Empyrean Pilljade and the remainder of the powerhouses improved one after yet another.

The Heavenly Emperor powerhouse withstood together with his hands and fingers behind his back while he stated coolly, “This emperor is Stardrive under Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s instruction. I only came onto function an errand. All of you don’t need to make an enormous hassle.”

Ye Yuan’s activities were purely messing all around.

While he was simply being restrained by Empyrean Chaoyuan, both equally side’s fight skills ended up not on a single levels in any respect.

Empyrean Windrider the ones grandmaster powerhouses were aware that they might not any longer appear up with folded away hands.

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When did this boy’s variety formation attainments come to be so strong also?

Quickly, the The southern area of Border Alliance army shattered through that brand Ye Yuan drew.

Empyrean Proudcloud’s phrases were definitely mentioned halfway when out of the blue, his whole body was split separate!

This has been among the 11 disciples under Sacred Ancestor Significant Priest’s control!

He already roughly guessed the other one person’s ident.i.ty. It had been that he paid off no care about it.

On the other hand, they failed to know the direction they passed away!


Empyrean Pilljade’s speech possessed yet to fade whenever a shape slowly went out of your void.

None of them believed that this act now would actually be compelled into this type of plight.