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Chapter 1455 - Fu Chenxi Lef bait cactus

“When Chenxi eventually left, she claimed that both of you ended up from different worlds and you had been certain to depart her. As a result, she’d rather are the a person to leave initially.”

Lu Beichen acquired the call and quickly arrived. He looked over Fu Chenxi and inquired, “What’s bad?”

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30 minutes later, she made an appearance in the Lu family’s doorway.

“What increase loss… They… What managed they offer you?”

Fu Chenxi transformed around and jogged off of.

“Chenxi, focus on me. n.o.body knows what is going to take place at some point, right? We… Shouldn’t we handle things a stride at a time?”

After leaving behind Gu Jingyan, Lu Beichen pondered if he had really done anything wicked. Usually, why would Fu Chenxi just abandon so gently, without providing him reasons?

Gu Jingyan replied, “What took place? What about Chenxi? She didn’t arrive at me.”

Gu Jingyan said clearly, “Lu Beichen, awake. She needs to go away and that signifies that she did not have feelings of security and safety along. Would this be due to me? What is using obtaining angry at me?”

Lu Beichen failed to view it. Women discovered it and picked out it.

She have also been accustomed to it previously. She scoffed. “Hand the telephone to Lu Beichen.”

Gu Jingyan replied, “What taken place? What about Chenxi? She didn’t come to me.”

That gal looked and quickly handed the device to him coquettishly. She reported, “Young Expert Lu, the truth is? There is a brutal gal on the phone who insists that you really reply to her contact. She appears so impolite. She dares to talk to that suits you that. I became lecturing her on your behalf.”

Fu Chenxi gone rather than originated backside. The next day, Lu Beichen went to her location. Nonetheless, he found that the Fu family’s residence experienced definitely completely transported out without any trace…

Lu Beichen said, “Hey, Chenxi…”

Fu Chenxi’s palm suddenly fell.

Fu Chenxi forced Lu Beichen out. “You are typical resorting to lies to me. You’re all liars.”

Gu Jingyan been told that this was really a female.

Just one semester soon after an additional, he never listened to from Fu Chenxi.

“Young Master Lu is very as well nice.”

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“Ha, just who do you consider you happen to be to requirement that?”

Lu Beichen named out, but Fu Chenxi failed to turn back.

“Hey, Chenxi…”

Gu Jingyan replied, “What happened? Have you thought about Chenxi? She didn’t reach me.”

“Really? No, I don’t believe it. She’s long gone and you are her only close friend. You must know some thing at the very least.”

“Really? No, I don’t think it. She’s gone and you are her only companion. You must learn anything not less than.”

“Young Expert Lu, what makes you so interesting?”

Lugging suitcase in all of the capacities, she idea despondently on the air port. She really should have explained to her friends and family she was coming back currently, but she was definitely position here and she was far too very lazy to get in touch with property.

She has also been accustomed to it currently. She scoffed. “Hand the phone to Lu Beichen.”

Fu Chenxi’s hands suddenly fell.

“Who are you? Younger Learn Lu is active.”

“Let me do it again myself. Hand the device to Lu Beichen. Usually, you’re responsible for your own personel behavior.”


The woman positioning the device froze. Who was this? Why were actually the text so harsh?

“Wow, Younger Learn Lu, you really is capable of holding your liquor.”

Lu Beichen recognized that it was all as a result of his personal neglectfulness. For a little bit in earlier times, Fu Chenxi hadn’t quite been herself but he never worried.

Lu Beichen explained, “Hey, Chenxi…”