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Chapter 2002 - Stop Investigating Yuan Wenrui crown doubtful

The deputy director was offering another mature head. He wasn’t working for the Leng friends and family, the superior chief, or even the Yuan family.

In State Y, the Cretan spouse and children failed to discover the murderer who murdered Charles. It didn’t quit its examination, nevertheless it is at give up hope.

“Well, I actually hope it is just slander, otherwise the firm will be in a blunder.”

Simply because the Public Security and safety Bureau inside the budget was a significant place, the cops should have research before taking motion. They believed Yuan Wenrui was published afterwards in the interest of his family.

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Following the spies sent by the Dongfang family members and also the Jing family to Colaine were definitely uncovered, they delivered another group of people over. This period, the many individuals were members that belongs to them young families.

Moreover, though Yuan Wenrui got a take care of Shen Yanfeng, it hadn’t became popular but. Even though he seriously looked into Yuan Wenrui, Yuan Wenrui wouldn’t be seriously reprimanded.

Leng Shaoting informed the deputy director to do it as opposed to dealing with it on his because he idea it wasn’t suitable for him to control it face-to-face and this man had no purpose of having Yuan Wenrui get away with it this time. He knew the Yuan family members would have fun with the fault video game and try to damages the Leng friends and family if he seriously looked into Yuan Wenrui.

He got data to show that Yuan Wenrui really was setting up a prescription drug cope with Shen Yanfeng, but he wouldn’t take it out right now.

“Did Chairman Yuan actually have an agreement with Shen Yanfeng? It is medication-trafficking!”

The Bridge-Builders

Leng Shaoting advised Gu Ning that, immediately after Jing Jining embraced news reports with Leng Shaoting.

“Perhaps Shen Yanfeng slandered Chairman Yuan.”

Leng Shaoting told Gu Ning that, just after Jing Jining distributed the news with Leng Shaoting.

Right after Yuan Wenrui was taken away via the police officers, Expert Yuan listened to the news without delay. Because it wasn’t astonishing, Master Yuan stayed calm.

“I observed the Leng family’s men and women arrested Shen Yanfeng on this occasion.”

Moreover, although Yuan Wenrui were built with a take care of Shen Yanfeng, it hadn’t been successful but. Even though he seriously researched Yuan Wenrui, Yuan Wenrui wouldn’t be seriously punished.

Anyway, it didn’t signify he would let Yuan Wenrui go. Leng Shaoting would different Yuan Wenrui using this event, nevertheless the deal Shen Yanfeng designed would come to be puzzling. No person could be certain that Yuan Wenrui indeed got a manage Shen Yanfeng.

Section 2002: Prevent Researching Yuan Wenrui

“It’s not unusual whatsoever. It’s exactly what the Leng spouse and children always does. Even though its unique folks are responsible, they will still arrest them. That’s the reason why they’ve held a strong reputation.”

Leng Shaoting told Gu Ning that, after Jing Jining propagated this news with Leng Shaoting.

The deputy director required the contract he had authorized with Shen Yanfeng. Yuan Wenrui accepted that they had authorized it, but insisted how the deal got gold in it rather then drugs as he created his name lower.

Anyhow, it didn’t imply he would let Yuan Wenrui go. Leng Shaoting would individual Yuan Wenrui out of this instance, but the package Shen Yanfeng produced would grow to be puzzling. Not one person could be certain that Yuan Wenrui indeed had a handle Shen Yanfeng.

News reports that Yuan Wenrui was soon launched following staying taken away with the law enforcement officials pass on in foreign countries. A lot of people thought that Yuan Wenrui got nothing concerning the drug-trafficking event Shen Yanfeng was related to, however some didn’t think it.

Because of that, Rong Jue felt that Leng Shaoting didn’t deficiency facts to establish that Yuan Wenrui really were built with a deal with Shen Yanfeng. He thought that the Leng loved ones was unwilling to carry a grudge from the Yuan household.

“No way! It’s unlawful.”

Yuan Wenrui wasn’t forced to the interrogation room as soon as he was taken up people Safety and security Bureau. He was part of the Yuan family members in fact. Even though he was actually a believe, the police wouldn’t take care of him badly prior to he was stated responsible. Therefore, Yuan Wenrui was taken to a business office and the deputy director of your Public Security Bureau interrogated him physically.

If so, the Leng family need to be unwilling to be damaged, but he didn’t believe that the Leng household was afraid of the Yuan family members. Perhaps the Leng family members simply needed to reprimand Shen Yanfeng this period.

Yuan Wenrui’s manage Shen Yanfeng didn’t be successful, therefore the criminal activity didn’t stay, and that he couldn’t discipline Yuan Wenrui even when he needed your data. In fact, the Yuan loved ones wasn’t weak in any respect.