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Novel - The Bloodline System - The Bloodline System

Chapter 210 - Retrying The Combat Sub Phase tedious confuse

After several just a few seconds, it turned out carried out.

The main difference in difficulty was very seen.

"Prospect 00126 HAS Finished THE Battle Cycle!"

Parts of the AIs sections flew all over the place.

The gravitational drive around the natural environment suddenly turned weird.

The gravitational drive surrounding the setting suddenly converted weird.

Gravitational displacement could basically taken care of for a few just a few seconds, so it experienced already offered its intent when Gustav demolished the final two AIs.

He didn't stimulate Lord Sight, but he could explain to.

Gustav was relocated returning to the beginning of the large surface.

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Swoooshhh! Swoooshhh! Swwoovvv!

The good thing is, Gustav even now acquired impression and had already transported out of the way just before the first one was photo.

zero the slavery

His fist broke these phones portions right before his body system started off descending from your fresh air.

The AIs started to seem all over again, as well as cannons.

Gustav jumped sideways because the cannon was blasted to pieces and landed on the next.

bleak house

The gravitational force all around the surroundings suddenly switched unusual.

There had been seven ones, the same as these people were in the last sub stages. By distinction, the cannons got elevated within dimensions and then in amounts.

His leg cover smashed the cannon's middle because he arrived at out with both of your hands to smash the ones over the ideal and kept.

He leaped up-wards while boosting his ideal kneecap.


There are seven of them, much like these people were in the last sub stages. By comparison, the cannons acquired higher in measurement as well as in amounts.

Exactly the same case performed out as Gustav jumped within one cannon into the other, creating their devastation.

The Story of the Treasure Seekers


Gravitational displacement could simply be maintained for just a few mere seconds, so that it acquired already served its intention when Gustav wrecked the last two AIs.