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Novel - My Youth Began With Him - My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4660 - Su Yu's Additional Story (110) utter improve

As soon as they parted methods, the previous few experienced damaging to Huo Mian and moved her a great deal of specialties from your mountains.

Immediately after a while, he finally calmed down and smiled mockingly. “Congratulations, you’ve finally betrothed right into a rich household.”

The Yu Brother's Case Book

The Su family’s electrical power directly suppressed all the major multimedia shops. No one revealed it.

Ning Zhiyuan appeared dispirited, there seemed to be a lot of unspoken terms on his eyes.

“Shall we… have a discussion some place else?”

“Yes, my dad’s liver tumors is incorporated in the center step, there is still hope… I want to carry out surgery, having said that i don’t have that a great deal money… You’re additionally a doctor, you know how significantly it fees to treat cancer…”

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“If one has anything to say, say it. My time is limited.” Huo Mian looked down at her view.

“You and Su Yu… are betrothed?”

“My dad has liver cancer malignancy.”

“You and Su Yu… are married?”

“I don’t believe there is any necessity for us to speak.”

“You and Su Yu… are committed?”

Nevertheless, because there was no confirmation, most people didn’t be aware that it was genuine.

You need to know that remaining with Su Yu, courting Su Yu, living alongside Su Yu… none of them of these kinds of words and phrases could can compare to this phrase: I’m married to Su Yu.

“Yes, we are legally married,” Huo Mian put in.

“Thank you to your suggestions, but… Su Yu and that i are hitched.”

Merely the friends who went to the wedding then pass on the news that Su Yu was wedded.

Ning Zhiyuan’s terms surprised Huo Mian.

Section 4660: Su Yu’s More Storyline (110)

“What would you say?”

The Su family’s electrical power directly suppressed all the major mass media shops. Nobody revealed it.

Only the friends who joined wedding ceremony at that time propagate this news that Su Yu was married.

“Shall we… discuss somewhere else?”

It was the manifestation Huo Mian desired to see. For a second, she sensed the excitement of vengeance.

Huo Mian appeared down at her observe all over again.

Seeing that Huo Mian didn’t react, Ning Zhiyuan carried on, “It’s accurate, I am not resorting to lies to you… It absolutely was proved at our medical center, you are able to check into it.”

“I wish Su Yu sweets you sincerely. You understand, these playboys only enjoy playing around with feelings… Don’t be too foolish and obtain too into it… I’m announcing this for your own good,” Ning Zhiyuan boasted shamelessly, considering himself as a companion.

After they parted techniques, the old couple sensed harmful to Huo Mian and taken her many areas in the mountains.

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“You continue to be with Su Yu appropriate?” Ning Zhiyuan required using a complicated expression.

Huo Mian wasn’t an individual who wanted to exhibit. Just a couple people today was aware she wedded Su Yu.

However, since there was no verification, many people didn’t understand that it had been correct.

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Huo Mian searched down at her observe just as before.

Ning Zhiyuan searched dispirited, and then there appeared to be lots of unspoken words and phrases on his eyes.

He thought that if Huo Mian was with Su Yu, she wouldn’t shortage income.

“You are nevertheless with Su Yu right?” Ning Zhiyuan inquired by using a difficult phrase.

Whenever they parted ways, the existing pair observed damaging to Huo Mian and taken her lots of areas of expertise through the hills.