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Chapter 505 – Counter Blow abhorrent third


From your extended distance, the four-winged demon dashed more than again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Su Ping punched toward the eventually left.

Compel Field!

The auditory perception, the tactile sensation, for example!

The ground caved in, setting up a pit many yards deeply, then Su Ping jumped up. The outrageous beasts right in front fell, although those behind took up their roles. As he stared at those outrageous beasts, the eliminating intent converted Su Ping's eyes reddish colored.

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Su Ping journeyed and then four-winged demon!

When Su Ping halted, the only thing remaining around him have been lifeless crazy beasts. A location which has a radius of 100s of meters around him was otherwise drain.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The Black Oblivion Cannonb.a.l.l.s have been effective enough to get rid of beasts in the optimum point in the 9th-ranking. They landed on Su Ping only stirred up some ripples above him. Which had been an armour the fact that outdated dragon king experienced granted him. That content surely could fend off all of the vigor conditions from beings underneath the Void Express!

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Just like a curtain, the darkness was lifted. It looked the gold fist surely could conquer that was evil in the world using that divine power. That online fist smashed the chest of the four-winged demon sitting on the left behind.

When Su Ping discontinued, the thing left behind around him were definitely departed outrageous beasts. A region by using a radius of hundreds of meters around him was otherwise unfilled.

Su Ping punched toward the left.


One other four-winged demons that had been intending to special in on Su Ping disappeared. These people were just electronic photographs!

By using a bang, that four-winged demon's chest area caved in. It uttered a miserable weep and fell within the group of crazy beasts, developing a enormous pit on the floor.


“Kill them!” Su Ping explained. He dashed out 1st.

Su Ping punched toward the still left.

Flames surged above. The Inferno Dragon was there. It stomped on the ground and shifted swiftly to break into the four-winged demon.

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“Kill them!” Su Ping reported. He dashed out initial.

Though those digital clones appeared quite genuine, these folks were dispersed whenever the exact demon was hurt.

Which has a bang, the earth chipped. The 4-winged demon flew up, sword in hand. There appeared to be some flesh switching about within that caved-in chest, as if there were clearly several worms. The wound for the pectoral healed rapidly the demon glared at Su Ping, charging at him yet again.

Su Ping was unable to see or perceive within that field, but he never suddenly lost his bearings. If something, he was all the more decided! He possessed come to be employed to darkness in all the fights he got been through!

The soil caved in, constructing a pit a number of m heavy, then Su Ping jumped up. The wild beasts in the front fell, whilst those behind needed up their opportunities. While he stared at those outrageous beasts, the eradicating purpose transformed Su Ping's eye crimson.

The auditory sense, the tactile good sense, and the like!

Which has been the main reason why Su Ping was not fearful of the beast kings! None of the beast kings were able to harmed him. He just obtained to pay attention to combating!