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Chapter 1686 - An addiction to killing teammates is a disease that needs to be treated great obtain

status quo

Aside from Seventh Phase Venerables, there were some 6th Point Accurate Monarchs who were bursting with chance that may have the opportunity to enjoy creating an ‘Illusory Reality’ beforehand beneath the principle that they had the correct prospect, the proper time, the best place, the best persons, as well as the ideal emotions.


Mature Scarlet Paradise Sword carried utilizing the top secret sound transmission method. [Shuhang, request him why exactly he wants to kick the bucket?]

Song Shuhang’s good fortune currently was pretty good.

All types of illusions might be formed into vivid and lifelike visuals. Along with the 7th Stage Venerable on the core, a whole world of goals and illusions could type out from not anywhere.

Tune Shuhang expected, [Senior also can feel that some thing is drastically wrong?]

Scarlet Heaven Sword whispered, “The boy’s mental express isn’t correct.”

Song Shuhang’s consciousness fell in to the memory space.

He immediately shook his brain. Obtained he recently turn into hooked on eradicating his teammates?

However he was still on the 5th Point World, his in general getting experienced already arrived at the Sixth Step World.

Scarlet Pupil trembled, and reported, “Mister, you will be so amazing.”

“Not just anybody can survive death…” Music Shuhang sighed sentimentally, and claimed, “Resurrection is not that simple. There are numerous folks who begin all of their lifestyles by no means even coming in contact with components for ‘resurrection’. If an individual doesn’t possess a ways of resurrection, then when they kick the bucket, they kick the bucket for authentic.”

Song Shuhang’s chance right now was great.

Scarlet Pupil trembled, and mentioned, “Mister, you might be so impressive.”


Scarlet Pupil observed like his overall man or woman were separated into two halves.

Piece of music Shuhang described the world back again in the event the liquid metal baseball possessed descended during the scholarly faction. “The very first time I presented loss, I confronted an effective and invincible enemy. The important photo merely found it necessary to extend one finger to grind me and my aging adults from your scholarly faction to passing away. That experience of lose hope is one challenge that we still haven’t overlooked. At the moment, I observed as my system acquired crushed to dying such as an ant, finding crushed repeatedly, fully cannot resist. The flavors of death is suffering and bitterness, it is just like just one were cast into nothingness. A single finds themselves at the end connected with an abyss where they are unable to have a problem out. Uncertainty pervades one’s mind, even though blood vessels continuously stream in huge quant.i.ties.” Tune Shuhang could no longer remember exactly how many times he got passed away and revived in those days, because there ended up simply so many to count up.

Section 1686 An dependence on getting rid of teammates is actually a disease which should be dealt with

Tune Shuhang inquired, [Older also can feel that a thing is wrong?]

He still wanted to turn into a deal with mage, and then go on an adventure with his sibling.

“Yeah.” Scarlet Pupil nodded.

Scarlet Pupil pondered for the very good while, then suddenly reported, “Mister, I want to expire when.”

“The 3rd death… Truly, I’m not certain when i really performed die at the moment. Back then, my physique is at a ‘smoke’ condition, neither of the two living nor deceased. But to become around the harmless part, I still used a resurrection wonderful value, nevertheless with this day, I don’t determine if I hadn’t simply thrown away it. Fortunately, I obtained the ‘smoke talent’ down the road, that was a smallish pay out for your affair. I will omit this since there is basically nothing to be attained because of this.”

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Tune Shuhang curiously explained, “Eh? Is the thing that I said so distressing?”

“Yeah.” Scarlet Pupil nodded.

The outcome he secured ended up the same as what he bought recently.

Although he was still within the 5th Step Realm, his overall remaining possessed already attained the Sixth Phase Kingdom.

“…” Scarlet Pupil.

As well, Piece of music Shuhang couldn’t help but think about the outcomes of the appraisal he acquired of Scarlet Pupil.

Tune Shuhang simply required this in pa.s.sing.

“Then got my 2nd standard death. I had indeed died many times in the scholarly factions’ world of the glowing lotus, but which can be thought of possessing been an individual experience. The 2nd time I died, I did so so in a more unjust process. It’s actually quite embarra.s.sing out because that death was rather inexplicable where my entire body ended up being highly refined in to a value. It’s really distressing to get your system highly processed right into a awesome prize.”

He didn’t scream at all over the whole approach. The screams appeared to be closed on his throat, do not ever spilling out even during the least.

Scarlet Pupil couldn’t even begin to picture how formidable Song Shuhang’s will was. He was blown away as even if getting died such alarming techniques many instances, Song Shuhang could still talk and chuckle so carefreely.