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Chapter 1144 - Reaching The Elf Divine Realm natural sweater

Nangong Jing added some for Lily and Louisa. Then, three of the of those drank.

“Yes! It is much more than ten times that relating to our individual mindset event rooms!”

Following that, Lu Ze withstood up and explained, “I’ll go call instructor Luo as well as other individuals.”

The s.h.i.+p exited the warp dimension.

Soon, all of the other humans were actually woken up by Lu Ze. They remaining the room with reluctance.

The princess shook her go. “We’re allies. We are about to arrive at the Elf Divine Kingdom.”

Alice had out two far more groups of dishes. “Come, let us eat together.”

The inside was rather over-the-top. The furniture and format noticed very stylish and noble.

Everyone’s vision illuminated up.

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Now, they eventually grasped a little bit of how powerful the Elf Competition was.

72 hours later on, Lu Ze plus the ladies ended up owning breakfast when their doorway was knocked.

Following that, Lily seemed to come up with a thing and explained, “By exactly how, I got here for anything.”

Chapter 1144: Achieving The Elf Divine World

In addition, the Elf Race’s skill was better than the Human Race’s!

Alice took out two far more groups of dishes. “Come, let us feed on together.”

Everybody was in disbelief.

“How will there be a whole lot mindset force in this particular bedroom?!”

“The Elf Race is creating under these!”

Nangong Jing was a little unwilling to consume the vino on the dish and explained, “Then, let us continue on the next occasion.”

Everybody was in disbelief.

Nangong Jing poured some for Lily and Louisa. Then, the 3 ones drank.

People were two female alcoholics.

As well as, the Elf Race’s skills was far better than the Human Race’s!

They sat around the delicate purple couch. Nangong Jing believed the spirit compel thickness and smiled. “This is actually a medium sized-grade spirit obtaining structure. The mindset drive is denser than our one particular on Earth Jinyao.”

Lily’s sight illuminated up, and also the sophisticated and smooth teeth on the confront delivered a hint of excitement. “Sure, you males didn’t even let me know that you were eating great foodstuff!”

They were last but not least about to arrive at the mythical Elf Divine Realm?

Lu Ze plus the women were amazed.

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“The Elf Race is cultivating under this sort of circ.u.mstances?!”

Nangong Jing waved her hands. “Lily, arrive and ingest.”

Chapter 1144: Reaching The Elf Divine Realm

In fact, the formation on Earth Jinyao was still reduced-grade.