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Chapter 103 The Final Step plausible damaged

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96...97...98 actions!


"I will guess 10 rare metal he'll actually make it to the sterling silver plant!"

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"I am going to choice 10 yellow gold he'll actually make it to the silver shrub!"

the mating of the moonstone

"Excellent lord! Primary, we have Fairy Min who became the initially man or woman to accomplish 50 methods during the last 7 many years, now we certainly have this strange mankind who also realized 50 measures on a single time! To have two different people attaining 50 ways so close to each other— this can be unprecedented!"

96...97...98 actions!

The silver pond trembled the minute Yuan took his 60th move.

"W-What is transpiring?!" The Sect Elder required several actions back from distress, his gaze loaded with disbelief.


Nevertheless, Yuan dismissed the sparkling tree and extended simply to walk.

Soon after consuming more ways, Yuan attained 50 methods, rivaling Fairy Min's final results.

"The very last step…" Yuan mumbled as he required his 100th part, departing the sterling silver h2o and stepping to the property that managed the metallic shrub.

As the partic.i.p.ants commenced playing collectively for any outcomes, Yuan extended taking walks to the gold tree.

"I am prepared to option which he won't make it recent 90 ways!"

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"50 yellow gold he'll allow it to be earlier 90 steps!"

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'I even now don't feel any different… Could there be something wrong?' Yuan elevated his eyebrows when practically nothing took place immediately after consuming 60 methods whilst the other partic.i.p.ants set about finding it difficult significantly earlier.

Just after using his initial step, Yuan took his second step, next the thirdly, and a fourth— until he took his 20th part.

"Heavens! He's already taking his 35th step! And that he did it without choosing a single break!"

"75 measures! He had been able to get 75 steps! This mankind is actually a prodigy!"

A couple of events afterwards, he required his 75th phase, shocking the partic.i.p.ants as well as Sect Elder.

Nevertheless, as the partic.i.p.ants there trembled in enthusiasm, Yuan continued to safely move forward.

"Heavens! He's already having his 35th step! And he made it happen without using a single crack!"

96...97...98 actions!

"He's however proceeding!"

Yuan nodded his travel, and this man proceeded to have his first step in the metallic pond.

"A single thousand years… It's been over 1,000 years given that anyone has brought 75 techniques from the Pond of Evaluation…" The Sect Elder mumbled inside a dazed tone of voice.

Soon after taking more ways, Yuan realized 50 steps, rivaling Fairy Min's effects.

The partic.i.p.ants stared at Yuan with gawking expression.

"W-What is transpiring?!" The Sect Elder took a handful of methods back from distress, his gaze full of disbelief.

The metallic pond trembled the time Yuan required his 60th move.

Each action Yuan required following the 90th step would increase the risk for full destination to tremble, as well as on his 95th phase, the silver plant following the pond commenced beautiful vividly.

Even so, Yuan had not been finished still, since he even now sensed no level of resistance or obstacle from your silver contemplate, much like the silver pond was purposefully really going effortless on him, and soon after utilizing the 75th step, he persisted switching towards metallic shrub right at the end.