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Awesomenovel 猪宝宝萌萌哒 - Chapter 4565 - Su Yu's Additional Story (15) seal snakes suggest-p2

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Novel - My Youth Began With Him - My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4565 - Su Yu's Additional Story (15) sad memory

“Did the simple truth is that? Chief executive Su informed me to come in. Just await your bonus offer to be deducted, country b.u.mpkin…”

“President Su…” Her tone of voice gave him

“President Su…” Her voice gave him

Su Yu responded to Tang Chuan, “Get misplaced, pervert.”

Then… where was Su Yu out of this planet?

“President Su…” Her sound gifted him

Maybe it was the only way to add up than it. When it was just transmigration, Qin Chu can have existed.

An pursed his lips…

He was even wanting to coax that ancestor…

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Is it there really became a parallel world?

Her lengthy locks was draped over her shoulder blades and she possessed Korean eyesight make-up on. She experienced even sprayed a cla.s.sic Burberry fragrance.

Though Su Yu found it challenging to assume that it was a parallel universe, if he thought of it carefully…

Could it be that Su Yu passed away in a car automobile accident?

Chapter 4565: Su Yu’s Supplemental Scenario (15)

Su Yu glanced their way, also very lazy to reply.

His last posting on his WeChat buddy circle was three months earlier. He possessed dispatched a website link to some open public event at Imperial Superstar Enjoyment.

Su Yu responded to Tang Chuan, “Get missing, pervert.”

All things considered, he was an outsider…

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Zhao Qingya didn’t determine it was subsequently intentional or otherwise.

Mrs. Su: “Son, inform me what you desire to eat this evening.”

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Even though Su Yu thought it was difficult to believe that it had been a parallel world, if he taken into consideration it carefully…

He lay about the bed furniture and thought about another significant problem.

Su Yu didn’t know who most of the people were.

Wei Liao: “A motor vehicle accident created a philosopher.”

Su Yu almost laughed out high in volume.

Then, she barged in without any proper care.

Needless to say, the brainless Zhao Qingya and An were actually through an discussion for the front door.

Captain Sword and Captain Pen

‘You should never prevent your medications.’ Precisely what a sarcastic comment, but exactly how could Su Yu be furious?

An pursed his lips…

Zhao Qingya: “What’s wrong with Chief executive Su? Is he in the poor state of mind?”

She came in the heart of the night time and merely wore a silk apparel. It absolutely was nude pink.

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Zhao Qingya: “What’s completely wrong with Chief executive Su? Is he in a very poor mood?”

Zhao Qingya didn’t know if it was actually deliberate or perhaps not.

Su Yu included his brain and ready to remainder.

Her very long head of hair was draped over her shoulder blades and she obtained Korean eyes makeup on. She got even sprayed a cla.s.sic Burberry scent.

Certainly, the brainless Zhao Qingya along with an had been getting an discussion in the doorstep.

Su Yu didn’t have any idea who many of the people were.

In a very parallel universe, there can be another you. He would do items you didn’t dare to carry out and survive the life you generally wished.

Tang Chuan: “Young Grasp Su, you have become so psychological, having said that i still adore you.”