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Chapter 99 First Tes own need

The middle-old man grew to become substantially more astonished just after comprehending what Yuan was doing, just about going down on his from distress.

Following he accomplished speaking, the center-older gentleman jumped down out of the gate before taking walks in the door to be a demonstration, vanishing to the portal.

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Knowing that, Yuan went surrounding the wide gra.s.sland with his Divine Good sense turned on.

Following ready for some minutes for all to assemble, the middle-older person with all the colourful robes started to articulate, "This can be the first examination. On this substantial gra.s.sland that spans over ten thousand a long way, there are actually one thousand disguised . jade slips, and only people who have a jade slip may improve to another period in the evaluation. Everyone have two time to succeed to the next test out simply by entering the gate there before you are automatically disqualified and kicked out of this spot."

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'Fifth level Mindset Warrior?! Why the h.e.l.l is anyone individuals partic.i.p.ating inside our disciple assessment?! He could instantly meet the requirements to become an Intrinsic Disciple if he spoke to a sect elder!'

"Older person, what precisely should you suggest by 'hidden'? Could they be hidden underground or are they just positioned about this gra.s.sland?" One more partic.i.p.ant asked a couple of instances down the road.

Soon after he completed discussing, the middle-aged male jumped down through the door before strolling in the entrance as a demo, vanishing to the portal.

'Hm? Why's this fresh lad just position there?' The middle-older man made to look at Yuan soon after seeing his peculiar conduct. Nevertheless, as he noticed the highly effective atmosphere subtly giving out from Yuan's entire body, he promptly gasped in jolt.

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Bearing that in mind, Yuan walked surrounding the wide gra.s.sland with his Divine Feel triggered.

Yuan retrieved his Starry Abyss and tried it to drill down an opening in the earth.

After answering some more problems, the center-aged mankind mentioned, "The earliest examination will start!"

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In truth, there were clearly even some of them who believed Yuan may be a spy dispatched by yet another place.

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Soon after walking for 3 time with his Divine Sensation constantly looking around, Yuan suddenly ended moving.

After going for a deep breathing, Yuan sealed his eyes and began utilizing his Divine Sense to find the jade slides.

"Exactly what exam could this be? I don't understand how locating a needle inside a haystack has anything at all concerning being a disciple of your Dragon Fact Temple!"

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The middle-older male turned out to be more stunned just after knowing what Yuan was engaging in, close to dropping on his b.u.t.t from shock.

The partic.i.p.ants there without delay lifted their fingers.

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"W-Where are we?"

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A second right after entering the gate, alongside everybody that joined the gate, Yuan was transported to this large and bare gra.s.sland that stretched for the horizon. On top of that, there is an additional door that resembled the person they only joined a few a long way away from their spot.

The middle-older male turned out to be substantially more surprised just after acknowledging what Yuan was engaging in, practically sliding on his b.u.t.t from jolt.

In the meantime, the folks enjoying him were actually speechless, as they didn't anticipate another person with Divine Feeling to partic.i.p.ate with their disciple assessment.

"Does anybody get inquiries?"

At the same time, the individuals enjoying him were speechless, since they didn't be expecting another person with Divine Feeling to partic.i.p.consumed on their disciple exam.

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'This is not very different from when I had to pick out Heart Gra.s.s with Yu Rou. I can think it is with my Divine Sensation,' Yuan believed to themself.

A few moments after, he grabbed the red-coloured jade move in the terrain.

The truth is, there had been even some of them who thinking Yuan might be a spy sent by yet another position.

'This is simply not very different from when I had to pick Nature Gra.s.s with Yu Rou. I may be able to still find it with my Divine Feel,' Yuan thought to themselves.

"Does anyone possess issues?"

"Let's keep on watching to find out what he's nearly."

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The center-old male smiled at the partic.i.p.ant's concern and claimed, "You will discover 997 jade slips resting across the land surface normally with three particular jade slips hidden in the surface. If some of you controls to find the jade move buried throughout the floor, you may be handed a very special compensate at the conclusion of the examination in the event you pa.s.s the exam, or swap the jade slip to automatically become a disciple. On the other hand, should you choose that, you are going to forfeit the incentive. The choice is up to you."

"Does any one get questions?"

"Senior, what precisely can you mean by 'hidden'? Is it hidden underground or will they be just located about this gra.s.sland?" One other partic.i.p.ant requested a few minutes later.