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Chapter 538 word control

Hao Ren imagined for just a moment and nodded . "Certainly . "

Ever since the advisors often had to speak with the students, there were a invitee seat next to each work desk . There seemed to be only Yue Zilong at the office, plus the other advisors were definitely obviously out .

"Wooden, drinking water, blaze, world . These four elemental dragon clans followed a reliable friends and family technique . The establishments of power include the dragon palaces, along with the senior citizens include the ministers who a.s.sist the dragon kings in handling the dragon palaces but cannot interfere with traditions . Nonetheless, the stainless steel-elemental dragon clan adopted the expert-disciple strategy . Right after a aluminum-elemental dragon kid arrives, the individual will probably be collected by an elder three months following beginning . "

the keepers of the king's peace

"With this course of action, in the event the metallic-elemental dragons will not mature and perish, it really is viewed as that they are hardly ever delivered . The experts who misplaced their disciples don't should carry any task, and so they only have to wait for another newborn baby boy or girl and obtain a fresh disciple . The disciples who could are able to Kun-levels will probably be regarded mature and may live independently coming from the master . When they arrive at Qian-level, they are going to have the capacity to bring in disciples," Yue Zilong gradually said these things .

"This Xu Ke… His grasp would be the Cave Master of the Taiyi Cave on the Zhongnan Mountain peak, and Taiyi Cave is among the five big caves . His expert includes a dozen disciples except the brand new disciple, Xu Ke, many others supply arrived at Qian-stage and established their unique energies . " Yue Zilong introduced the subject back all over .

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"I really hope you recognize this situation . With Zhen Congming's potential to be a Improvement World demon beast, it can be a small demon california king on the Demon Seas . If he is inside a undesirable mood and tends to make waves, Eastern side Seashore Area will be affected out of the failure . In terms of Qiu Niu, he will not value mortals so much . "

"You . . . won't capture Zhen Congming, appropriate?" Hao Ren squinted his eye and checked out Yue Zilong .

lost leaders

The concept of this proclamation was that Xu Ke's master was actually a difficult number whom the Dragon G.o.d Shrine didn't prefer to provoke simply .

The strongest Yue Zilong experienced the littlest place of work as well as most affordable placement . The comparison involving the mortal entire world as well as cultivation society was apparent .

"You can actually contact me Mr . Yue considering that my other ident.i.ty should stay undetectable," Yue Zilong explained straight .

"The East Ocean Dragon Clan is relying on you more and more . The steel-elemental dragon clan is additionally being attentive to you . We, the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, have no reason to forget about you . Su Han carries a great relationships.h.i.+p to you, and she is also the best inspector in the Shrine . " Yue Zilong experienced Hao Ren and additional discussed .

Experiencing Hao Ren's confused term, Yue Zilong pushed up his metallic-rimmed and claimed, "You don't need to include correctly . Now we have already investigated this demon monster, Zhen Congming . It originated from the Demon Water and is Qiu Niu's disciple . But since Qiu Niu went along to the Nine Dragon Palace, it arrived on territory . "

"What should I phone you?" Hao Ren expected .

The several hundred inspectors governed lifespan and loss of life of mortals, as well as Shrine Become an expert in, along with the nine Deputy Shrine Experts, mastered living and dying of inspectors . Yet still, Yue Zilong's aura was not published in any way Hao Ren failed to actually feel too solid of a strain .

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"But . . . hardly ever knowing who their moms and dads are . Isn't it distressing?" Hao Ren thinking .

"Have you been thinking about the parents?" Yue Zilong inquired .

The First Hunter

"Real wood, liquid, blaze, world . These four elemental dragon clans followed a stable family members method . The establishments of authority are definitely the dragon palaces, as well as seniors would be the ministers who a.s.sist the dragon kings in handling the dragon palaces but cannot obstruct history . However, the steel-elemental dragon clan followed the expert-disciple strategy . From a aluminum-elemental dragon child arrives, they is going to be collected by an elder 3 months after birth . "

The success from the fittest! This became the essential principle with the metal-elemental dragons .

Seeing and hearing this, Hao Ren suddenly sensed similar to this Yue Zilong was just like a counselor .

"Now, about three individuals town know my correct ident.i.ty . The first is you, the initial one is Su Han, plus the other is Xu Ke . Even Lu Qing doesn't know a single thing," Yue Zilong carried on .

Hao Ren smiled helplessly and nodded this Deputy Shrine Excel at very easily suspected his intellect .

"I became fortunate," Hao Ren said while he sat lower .

"Last but not least, I am going to focus on my mission . " Yue Zilong investigated Hao Ren . "Depending on the facts received from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, there exists a demon california king in East Water Area fairly recently . I know that you have a Improvement Realm demon beast with you, and so i think that the demon queen is related to it . "

Hao Ren smiled helplessly and nodded this Deputy Shrine Expert conveniently suspected his intellect .

The tactics that would resolve a variety of difficulties seemed to be all as part of his hands and wrists .

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"You could phone me Mr . Yue considering the fact that my other ident.i.ty should remain undetectable," Yue Zilong stated straight .

Crisis Of Empire - Crown Of Empire

The tactics which might clear up a lot of difficulties appeared to be all within his hands .

When Hao Ren accessed work, Yue Zilong was evaluating the student's details at his work desk . He seemed to be twenty-seven years of age, but Hao Ren would never treat him for a little male .

Zhen Congming was the disciple of Qiu Niu also the West Beach Dragon Clan didn't dare to offend him . On the other hand, this failed to means that the Dragon G.o.d Shrine would not dare to impression him . With the potency of Dragon G.o.d Shrine, it was possible to help them to place shackles on Zhen Congming while using excuse of assisting Qiu Niu to self-discipline his disciple . They can wait until Qiu Niu emerge from the Nine Dragon Palace just before coming back Zhen Congming .

Hao Ren smiled helplessly and nodded this Deputy Shrine Become an expert in very easily suspected his brain .

Hao Ren smiled helplessly and nodded this Deputy Shrine Grasp simply thought his thoughts .

"What ought i phone you?" Hao Ren asked .