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The Measure of a Man


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Chapter 1114 - Escaping pumped axiomatic

Zhou Wen was trapped in the odd spot as he silently counted the times.

Zhou Wen subconsciously handled his ears and was immediately overjoyed while he acquired handled the earring that Truth Listener had turned into.

Ji Moqing brandished the Essence Yellow gold saber twice and experienced so it was extremely sharpened. Which has a believed, she extended excavating along with the Essence Rare metal saber.

“This Essence Golden saber’s forging specifications are really substantial. It might even be the ideal Fact Precious metal tool now. And that saber appears like it has to happen to be useful for numerous years…” Ji Moqing kept the Bamboo Blade and carefully scale it.

Even so, just before he could consult Ji Moqing questions, some people landed about the area and quickly appeared while watching mountain / hill. They uncovered Ji Moqing halfway within the mountain peak.

He handled his system and had trouble with his may. Then, his system handled some thing. Then, a ray of mild shone in with the break, enlightening his encounter.

Through the looks from it, I actually have to ask another person.

Zhou Wen possessed already listened to Ji Moqing digging the mountainside.

This Substance Gold bullion saber was a lot better than her short sword. Before long, it dug from the opening.

Ji Moqing brandished the Substance Rare metal saber twice and believed that this was extremely sharp. Having a considered, she continued digging together with the Basis Yellow gold saber.


When he was trapped, his cardiovascular system muscular tissues has been silently computing. It acquired indeed been over a 100 years, but his physique hadn’t older. It was very strange.

Could Mentor have stumbled upon some difficulties? Or can it be that this dimensional monarchs found he acquired murdered Di Tian and caught him?

Real truth Listener continues to be by my part and has reestablished a link with me. This is certainly great…

Zhou Wen was trapped in the odd area as he silently measured the times.

On the other hand, this kind of accomplishment wasn’t a coincidence. This became because according to Zhou Wen’s computations, he ended up being trapped for nearly 10 years, but w.a.n.g Mingyuan acquired not come to conserve him.

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This Fact Rare metal saber was far better than her short sword. Quickly, it dug via the hole.

Ji Moqing put into practice the uncovered area of the steel and dug away rocks beside it. Soon, she seen that it was actually a bamboo-designed scabbard.

Because of this glance, Zhou Wen was immediately amazed.

As he was caught, his heart muscle groups was silently determining. It possessed indeed been greater than a century, but his human body hadn’t aged. It was actually very odd.

From the looks from it, I have got to inquire an individual.

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From your appears to be than it, I actually have to inquire about somebody.

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Ji Moqing brandished the Essence Precious metal saber twice and felt that it was extremely well-defined. Having a believed, she ongoing digging together with the Heart and soul Yellow gold saber.

What’s taking place? Have I been trapped for more than a 100 years?

As he was stuck, his cardiovascular muscle tissues have been silently calculating. It possessed indeed been over a century, but his entire body hadn’t older. It was actually very bizarre.

Only then managed Zhou Wen remember the situation with his smartphone. He handled his physique, but he didn’t believe it is. Hunting down, he saw that there were a package deal on the stone furnace. The majority of Zhou Wen’s items were interior, such as mystical cellphone.

Time continuing to pa.s.s as Zhou Wen constantly meditated every single day. His comprehension of the other eight Heart and soul Power Artistry obtained already sublimated. By using a thought, he could carve an existence Spirit in the Tire of Fate. He could even carve quite a few Everyday life Souls at the same time.

Nevertheless, such achievement wasn’t a coincidence. This has been because in accordance with Zhou Wen’s calculations, he was stuck here for nearly decade, but w.a.n.g Mingyuan had not come to keep him.

Coming from the appearances than it, I have to ask anyone.


As Zhou Wen was feeling baffled, he suddenly listened to knocking coming from the ft . in the hill.

What is taking place ,? Have I been trapped for over a century?

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Zhou Wen experienced that clarification became a very little untrustworthy.

Zhou Wen originally imagined the area trapping him was some small s.p.a.ce.

Zhou Wen hurriedly examined his other Friend Beasts and came to the realization they were all there. Even Demonic Neonate, who had expended all her sturdiness, experienced came back to normalcy. This produced him certain that days gone by hundred years ended up not a fantasy.

In a short time, the idea critical Gold Saber dug into something using a clang.