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Novel - Dual Cultivation - Dual Cultivation

Chapter 601 Turning It up a Notch slave employ

"You can inside my lips, Su Yang," she said to him.

Sunlight Jingjing gently sucked over the heavy shaft while licking him inside together with her soft tongue.

After several a short time of sucking, Sunshine Jingjing could feel the shaft expanding hotter and getting to be more rigid.

Direct sun light Jingjing believed to him ahead of her hole gushed with glimmering liquid.

After pondering to get a excellent moment, Sunlight Jingjing spoke inside of a really serious speech, "To determine you the truth, I feel worried— although not in the awful way. Sibling Liqing… She's any type of women which enables other women feel low quality. She's not just stunning but will also has a fantastic figure, and she has this adult atmosphere that believes very comforting and stylish. If I failed to already obtain you and your family symbol, I might worry that she might get you faraway from me."

"W-Precisely what is this feeling?! What exactly is happening?! This differs from nearly anything I had skilled right before!" Sunshine Jingjing thought she was thinking about points initially, but following experiencing it for a bit longer, she was certain that Su Yang's shaft had suddenly cultivated much larger!

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Sunshine Jingjing immediately started off taking the overflowing Yang Qi, experience a popular sensation moving lower her throat and into her abdominal.

"I'm, Su Yang!"

"You may c.u.m inside my mouth, Su Yang," she believed to him.

"Haaa… haaa…" Sunlight Jingjing panted after.

Slurping disturbances quickly loaded the room as Su Yang savored Sunshine Jingjing's damp heaven.

"Ahhh!" Sun Jingjing's sight rolled back just from having to deal with merely the strategy of his shaft, experiencing her compact cave scattering bigger and wider as Su Yang's sword pierced more intense into her body.

Several seconds after, Sunshine Jingjing set about moaning even louder— a lot even louder than she has in the past.

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Direct sun light Jingjing wanted to lift her brain to think about her stomach area, and certain sufficient, the on the belly was much larger than usual!

The moment the sacred precipitation was over, Su Yang stood up and rubbed his thick shaft against Direct sun light Jingjing's slit, finish his sword together with her Yin Qi.

Some more instances after, popular Yang Qi photo out of your shaft and directly into her jaws.

Slurping noises quickly packed the space as Su Yang savored Sun Jingjing's wet heaven.


"In case you point out that, I think you are a major reason why we alter." Direct sun light Jingjing reported.

"I've tripled my instruction, naturally."

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A few just a few seconds after, Direct sun light Jingjing set about moaning even louder— very much even louder than she has at any time.


Sunshine Jingjing nodded her top of your head and installed over the your bed together slim thighs propagate vast opened, revealing every " of her cave to him.

Direct sun light Jingjing chosen to lift her brain to see her tummy, and absolutely sure sufficient, the b.u.megapixel on the abdominal was much larger than normal!

"Lay out. I'll make you happy now." Su Yang suddenly withstood up and thought to her.

Sunshine Jingjing immediately started out consuming the overflowing Yang Qi, experiencing a warm sensation going down her throat and into her stomach.

"You're tighter than normal," he explained to her that has a smile, sensation her essential wall space tightly compressing his shaft.


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Direct sun light Jingjing decided to pick up her top of your head to see her stomach area, and positive ample, the on her belly was larger than usual!

Once the holy bad weather was above, Su Yang endured up and rubbed his wide shaft against Sun Jingjing's slit, finish his sword together Yin Qi.

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"Haa... haaa... haaaa…" Sun Jingjing panted heavily after.

"And speaking of change… let's alter into something more comfortable…" she then started off loosening his robes in addition to her very own.


Sun Jingjing believed to him right before her spot gushed with glowing liquid.

"I've tripled my instruction, of course."

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Section 601 Changing It up a Degree


Sun Jingjing immediately began consuming the overflowing Yang Qi, sensation a very hot feeling going lower her tonsils and into her stomach.

Su Yang demonstrated her a smile and spoke while caressing her experience, "Irrespective of your differences, I enjoy you all alike. You don't have to contend with her because I can provide just as much focus once i will give to other people."


"What do you think? Will you love it?" Su Yang expected her using a teeth on his experience.