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Deevynovel 《I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot》 - Chapter 2145 rule bent -p2

The Classic Philip Jose Farmer. 1952 - 1964


Novel - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2145 upbeat adjustment

Qiao Anxin’s concept darkened when she heard that.

She didn’t have the funds to compensate for that infringement of commitment.

Lin Huizhen was so aggrieved that she didn’t dare to talk about a word.

“Your biological father…” Lin Huizhen’s manifestation changed as she hesitated. “He, he’s no very outstanding guy. He’s just an average human being. If, in order to match him, I will set up it.”

The mom and little girl have been currently residing in a lodge.

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Qiao Anxin’s manifestation darkened when she heard that.

Lin Huizhen requested gently, “What’s wrong?”

On account of the damaging information, she needed to pay off lots of settlement.

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She didn’t have the cash to make up for any breach of commitment.

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“Your biological father…” Lin Huizhen’s concept improved as she hesitated. “He, he’s not much of a very remarkable person. He’s just a normal person. If, if you want to connect with him, I can organize it.”

Qiao Anxin acquired expended all her dollars.

Immediately after giving an answer to the phone call, she sat in the bed furniture.

Lin Huizhen required softly, “What’s improper?”

Qiao Anxin’s phrase darkened when she heard that.

“Why do you should pay the reimbursement charge? It is all because of Qiao Mianmian!” Qiao Anxin gritted her pearly whites. “That s.l.you.t damaged my popularity and taught me to a detested figure. Who may want to deal with a person having a negative impression!”

Qiao Anxin possessed devoted all her funds.

Qiao Anxin experienced put in all her money.

Chapter 2145: Hatred from Appreciate Is among the most Frightening

Soon after her recovery, she required on some ads and in many cases went on assortment illustrates. But because her global recognition just after her recovery wasn’t as well as prior to, the reimbursement she received was less than half. Hence, she hadn’t acquired much cash since her comeback.

There seemed to be a huge heap of termination advertis.e.m.e.nts and salary anticipating her. She is at the spotlight now and couldn’t get yourself a new task. With all the current scolding online, Qiao Anxin completely shattered decrease.

She decided on it, and before long, her phrase converted unpleasant.

“Anxin, it’s not like that…”

Lin Huizhen was aggrieved that she didn’t dare to state anything.

Qiao Anxin possessed invested all her funds.

She chosen it up, and eventually, her manifestation turned unpleasant.

“Anxin, it is unlike that…”

When Lin Huizhen was done, she claimed coldly, “I don’t want to see him. It’ll only make me feel embarrassed.”

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Qiao Anxin stored peaceful.

“Why must i should pay the salary cost? It is all due to Qiao Mianmian!” Qiao Anxin gritted her tooth enamel. “That s.l.you.t messed up my good reputation and helped me a despised number. Who would want to work together with another person having a unfavorable photo!”

After responding to the call, she sat in the sleep.

After a couple of moments, she checked program a despairing gaze. “Just power me to loss. They’re all wanting to know me to terminate the contract. They are all asking me to cover the reimbursement charge. Where must i get a great deal of cash? Could they be attempting to power me to passing away?”

Lin Huizhen’s confront transformed soft.

She didn’t have the cash to make up for your violation of deal.

“My biological mum doesn’t know everything, and my biological father is simply a common guy. What get you brought to me as families? Aside from humiliating me, embarra.s.sing out me, and in need of my support when in problems, what else get you accomplished for me? If it wasn’t to suit your needs messing around outdoors, would I be mocked by the whole Internet now?”

Due to the bad information, she had to pay out plenty of salary.

The many dollars she generated was utilized to pay back her outstanding debts.

Because of the negative headlines, she simply had to shell out a lot of pay out.