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Chapter 255 Special Training Puppet level building

"70 of you outstanding, huh? Far better than I'd anticipated, in truth." Elder Tantai nodded her go in agreement.

"Sibling Yuan, you don't even need to use any religious vitality to protect against poison at this particular amount," Xiao Hua's speech suddenly resounded as part of his top of your head.

"The exam will officially start after I lighting the incense adhere. If you're poisoned, I will immediately apply the antidote, however you will automatically crash the testing."

15 minutes down the road, the incense adhere only burned halfway towards the ending, as well as over 1 / 2 of the disciples there was already soaked in sweating, giving the impression of they might barely carry on.

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A minute later on, the 1st disciple to exhaust his farming starting point prior to the entire incense keep burned, and Elder Tantai thrown the dietary supplement at him.

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Just after 10 a few moments, to Elder Tantai's surprise, no disciples decided to depart the exam.

Elder Tantai wanted to not imagine too deeply about this so long as Yuan was excellent.

A minute afterwards, the very first disciple to exhaust his cultivation foundation before the full incense adhere burnt, and Elder Tantai thrown the supplement at him.

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'Really? Allow me to test it…'

The disciple did not think twice to take the product, since he could sense his pores and skin using up your second the smoke touched his body system.

"Keep the dietary supplement for those who actually feel any signs or symptoms. If you are annoying or sickly also the tiniest at any minute, take in that dietary supplement immediately or else you will really pass away," she then believed to him.

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"I understand." Yuan nodded his mind and proceeded to sit down there by using a sooth setting around him.

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The disciples rapidly quit their farming and endured up after seeing and hearing Elder Tantai's words and phrases.

Just after twenty seconds, to Elder Tantai's surprise, not one of the disciples thought to leave behind the check-up.

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"I will now describe the 2nd test." Elder Tantai mentioned as she aimed on the metallic-shaded exercising puppet that searched slightly unique in comparison to the models within the Apply Place.

"What?" Elder Tantai's eye increased with surprise soon after listening to Yuan's message, and upon better assessment, Yuan didn't appear to be finding it difficult by any means.

The disciples immediately sat down to develop and bring back their faith based power.

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The moment the incense stick was illuminated, crimson smoke cigarettes started to fill up the area speedily, but Elder Tantai remained standing directly near the harmful incense stay without having a care on the planet.

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"I understand." Yuan nodded his travel and proceeded to sit down there with a calm setting around him.

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"Three… Two… One…"

'What is going on?' she requested herself.

'Xiao Hua's correct. I don't truly feel any different.' Yuan was pleasantly impressed from this.

Having faith in Xiao Hua's terms, Yuan discontinued creating and protecting his physique with psychic strength, enabling the purple smoke cigarettes to engulf his body system.

"Some of you may have found this right before, but it is a special instruction puppet mostly utilized by Internal Court and Primary disciples because they are stronger in comparison to the ones inside the Outer Judge, and there is a particular attribute that enables them to evaluate how powerful their assaults are."

Relying on Xiao Hua's terms, Yuan ceased creating and dealing with his entire body with religious vitality, letting the crimson smoke cigarettes to engulf his entire body.