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Chapter 552 – Aggression And Betrayal white juice

The t.i.tled fight dog fighters with the Tang friends and family who had been ranking inside the substance charged forth.

His lip area trembled. That has a bitter phrase, the elder murmured, “Sir… make sure you forgive my family…” His sound passed away straight down before he could finish off his phrase. “You will need to have came to the realization the price of betrayal.” Tang Linzhan flicked the blood stream off his palm and journeyed apart.

“No, the Thunder Sparrows are collaborating!”

The s.h.i.+eld during the Tang family compound presented out a deafening noises. The bugle of conflict was sounded.

Swirls shown up close to them they summoned their fight animals and flew to conflict with all the Feather Army.

“I thought the Tang family obtained suddenly lost a Feather Army. How come you can still find a lot of them!?”

She couldn't assistance but pull a long breath.

He would have been a lesser amount of stunned if his daughter Tang Ruyu might have been the main one to betray the Tang spouse and children. He can have never thought that the person he noticed as a sibling, the individual who acquired saved him from peril numerous periods, and the individual that had almost died for him would betray him!

That colossal being charged toward the Tang spouse and children compound.

He could tolerate the happens from 9th-position beasts regarding his physique all alone. Only legendary conflict animal warriors or those near the famous rank could have injured him!

The person taking care of the Beach Umbrella became a individual he dependable with his cardiovascular system and heart and soul.


Super flashed, lighting the night atmosphere. The brilliance was bad on the eyeballs.

While s.h.i.+eld was approximately to break into, some disturbances have been abruptly heard behind the invaders.

Tang Linzhan acquired achieved the best status from the Gla.s.s Bulwark.

“Perfectly still!”

Swirls appeared alongside them they summoned their conflict house animals and flew to clash together with the Feather Army.


Lightning flashed, lighting fixtures in the night atmosphere. The brilliance was offending towards the eyes.

The elder was cannot tell if Tang Linzhan was furious.

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Tang Linzhan originated directly back to his senses but he was even now slightly missing-minded. Immediately after, sharpness emerged to his sight he couldn't allow himself to supply in since he was the man in command in the Tang spouse and children. “Brother 8 cannot bust the Sea Umbrella or accept it out, even though he betrayed us. I'll go and look you remain below,” he said to Tang Ruyu.

He punched out, as fast as lightning. Your next 2nd, the terror-stricken elder trembled.

Appropriate then, someone handled her and she turned out to be alerted. She converted around, and then see her dad turn up, clad in armour.

Tang Linzhan went toward the darkness.

The t.i.tled fight furry friend fighters incurred toward the Feather Army.

Considering the fact that she was really a youngster, she experienced been informed how the Situ loved ones as well as the w.a.n.g family would combat, just some of the four historical households would contend against each other.

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Mounting bolts of lightning ended up kindling the night time heavens.

Lightning flashed, lighting in the night skies. The radiance was offending towards the view.

Given that she was really a child, she obtained for ages been shared with the fact that Situ spouse and children as well as w.a.n.g family would challenge, just one of the four old family members would contend against the other person.

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He could hold up against the hits from ninth-ranking beasts with his entire body by yourself. Only mythical battle dog warriors or these near the famous rank would have hurt him!