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Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 52 - Test(2) damaging glossy

Stamina completely regained .... Starting up coming test stage..... Toughness evaluation phase one particular ... Deadlift the offered weight load .... Evaluation commences in 30s .

Using the higher PHY stat he was able to get over spherical 28 , 29

His PHY was the best deficient stat therefore he assigned 6 stat issues into PHY out of the unassigned data ..... And also the up coming round ongoing.

Step cleared , great job adventurer , our next phase will commence in 30 s prepare yourself.

The gemstone was substantial , and absolutely denied to roll against gravity. Rudra utilized the shoulder technique to support the jewel with his 100 % frame . By using his legforce he started out having a step at the same time.

Even so Rudra was obviously a very little break , the anguish was all right to him , though not the what happens if with the items if he may have picked up a SSS . Hard inclined himself via the pain , Rudra removed the phase with internal bleeding fingers.

unassigned stat issues :16

Mount : none of them

unassigned stat things :16


Gear : Reinforced Armour arranged ( Lv30) , Lich's Ring

Step removed , well done adventurer , our next phase will begin in 30 s get ready.

Rudra needed to curse. Even so he was soo very happy to remove the next period , he failed to .... Nonetheless his pleasure was small lived , shortly he was teleported to the upcoming check cycle.

a strange story in konda well puzzle

Concealed data

Nonetheless Rudra was obviously a minor fracture , the anguish was fine to him , yet not the what if of the items if he could have become a SSS . Tough prepared himself through the soreness , Rudra cleared the stage with hemorrhage fingers.

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One has 240s to clear the stage . Good luck!

Knowledge : Darkness bind , Summon Knight Durahal , Windslash , Important absorb , Berserk, Darkness blast, Death Slash

The next group of weight lifting showed up it was 55 kgs .... Rudra lifted it effortlessly on top of that. Also he grasped the design of 5kg progression with every rounded .

Spherical 20 Rudra removed the 150 kg body weight .... Now sensing the load rise in his back . It wasnt straightforward.

Dog or cat : mystical egg cell (????)

Bruges And West Flanders

Type : Knight

The end was only across this level . Rudra only got 30s to pay for about 60 yards. Rudra began swinging quickly carrying the gaps but about 20 m in he consumed the 15 s , Rudra believed with this speed he would never manage to accomplish the point.

what a piece of work is man hamlet

PHY : 70 Hewlett packard : 8000/8000

Ohh good , a time minimize , just what i required . Rudra thought. Just like the countdown reached zero Rudra begun driving with his may possibly.

Furry friend : mysterious ovum (????)

Having a risk upon his agony threshold , he decided to go by cup. And yep , it was actually a terrible determination by means of and thru. Soreness golf shot through Rudra because the glass pierced his fingers. Blood dripping in all places. Any rational person would give up now.

Rudra needed to curse. Nonetheless he was soo delighted to clear the second point , that they did not .... Having said that his joy and happiness was limited existed , rapidly he was teleported to the following check period.

Apparatus : Bolstered Armour set ( Lv30) , Lich's Ring

The problem using this method was , he could not understand the extended distance forward , he just were forced to desire he would make it over time. Therefore every 2nd he just forced and pressed want it was another 10. It turned out a very difficult activity.

Rudra felt how the after that rounded was too much . He was required to thrust a 2 meter sizeable boulder over a 60° slope to the peak .

Chapter 52 - Check(2)

a living armour owns a tavern

INT : 73 STA : 72

The 2nd range of weight load shown up it turned out 55 kgs .... Rudra raised it without difficulty likewise. Also he comprehended the style of 5kg progression with each around .

Rudra simply had to deadlift your next number of dumbbells like he is at a gym .... He was certain about it , it needs to be quite easy .

You may have 240s to remove the level . Have a great time!

AGI : 87 VIT : 77


The primary set of dumbbells sprang out .... It turned out 50Kg .... Rudra deadlifted it in a wind .

Your next test out was the actual stat analyze , it primarily incorporated durability and explosive potential. This system notice rang .

AGI : 87 VIT : 77

Clear the training in under 4 moments , time starts now.

The Tree Of Eden

Position : Healthier

Energy completely regained .... Commencing up coming test cycle..... Energy check period one ... Deadlift the supplied dumbbells .... Analyze commences in 30s .

Person Title : Shakuni

Infamy :

Nevertheless Rudra was obviously a small crack , the discomfort was all right to him , yet not the can you imagine if of the items if he may have gotten a SSS . Difficult eager himself via the ache , Rudra cleared the level with hemorrhage hands and fingers.

Yep time restriction , often. Rudra sprung into actions rapidly moving forward the earliest list of monkey cafes. Then came up rope. He required to climb a 20 foot rope to continue the class.