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Fabulousnovel fiction - Chapter 110 - Auction (1) throne marry share-p3


Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 110 - Auction (1) heap acceptable

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Products : Pirate Armour set ( Lv40) , Doom bracelet , shoulder blades patches ( Legendary)

He smiled while he transferred 5 zillion to Rudra , having a note , buy something great like bombs to help make me help amount faster!

Degree UP!

+1 troll armour ( Unusual)

+1 troll armour ( Exceptional)

He smiled because he transferred 5 mil to Rudra , using a notice , buy something very good like bombs for making me support level quicker!

unassigned stat points :


The Demolitionboys ended up worthless at this point , as everyone was debating their posture from the alliance. Even so as barely because they were functioning , people were still scrapping by , so they were actually permitted a chair for the time being.

Undetectable stats

He got just levelled up , he was 3 ranges free from the subsequent dude at point 45 about the ranks.

The Demolitionboys ended up useless at this point , as everybody was debating their position within the alliance. Having said that as barely when they have been working , these were still scrapping by , so they were definitely authorized a chair in the meantime.

INT : 190 STA : 260

Category : Warlock

For many competitors even holding 100K yellow gold was an astronomical physique , even so the quantity of precious metal Neatwit experienced on him self , way exeeded anyones craziest imaginations at a whopping 6 mil!

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Category distinct expertise : Superior assaulter , superior mage


+ 5 troll tooth enamel

/// Neatwit is really a wild figure men , dont be dissapointed at the moment , i guarantee that his activities might appear to be quick and outside of nowhere right now , even so they have a huge involvement inside the plan. You will not be dissapointed down the road ! When the article author i only desire to let you know , please watchout for any persona , he may not turn out what he would seem he is!

Disguised . data

It was subsequently the real reason for his angry swift levlling and over the graphs episodes.

For the majority athletes even holding 100K precious metal was an huge determine , however the volume of gold bullion Neatwit acquired on himself , substantially exeeded anyones wildest imaginations at a whopping 6 mil!

Additional guilds could only view in give up hope on this occasion approximately .

He smiled since he moved 5 million to Rudra , with a observe , purchase something good like bombs to create me support point much faster!

It was subsequently the primary reason for his mad fast levlling and off of the charts conditions.

Charm :???

HP : 17,000/17,000

Allure :???

And boy o boy have he decide to operate the opposition into his favour.

He obtained just levelled up , he was 3 amounts clear of our next guy at level 45 about the ranks.