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2462 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 7 literate dramatic

The always-relax gentleman picture up quickly. In no way-seen-ahead of iciness and violent rage erupted from his eyes and blood vessels bulged on his brow.

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He establish his fretting hand on his workdesk as if he was looking to relax himself decrease.

Prior to the lady could say everything else, the man tugged her into his biceps and triceps.

"Millimeters," Ji Xiuran predetermined.

"Emperor Ji! No one knows about your relationships.h.i.+p along with the Director on the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng… I do think that somebody from our side probably noticed Skip Worriless going to our headquarters… and accidentally divulged it…" Skeleton hastily explained.

"I don't proper care an excessive amount of about items claimed by strays." Ji Xiuran smiled.

"I don't proper care a lot about items said by strays." Ji Xiuran smiled.

"Mm," Ji Xiuran arranged.

However, Skeleton could feel that this gentleman was restraining the wild beast that had been planning to shatter its cage and hop beyond him.

"Emperor Ji…" Skeleton quickly strode inside of.

"You need to safeguard yourself properly, good?" The woman was filled up with be concerned.

"Don't perform too challenging," Ji Xiuran softly explained.

"Millimeters," Ji Xiuran predetermined.

The guy instantaneously furrowed his brows. "What happened?"

"Millimeters," Ji Xiuran concurred.


"See them and get rid of without mercy!" the guy commanded.

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"Who… leaked it all out?" The person was expressionless.

"I don't attention a lot of about things stated by strays." Ji Xiuran smiled.

"Emperor Ji…" Skeleton quickly strode on the inside.

The Peace Egg and Other tales

She'd do not ever expert this reddening and center-rushing sensing. Even though there have been several fantastic-looking men in the world, Ji Xiuran's individuality was irreplaceable.

Ecclesiastical Curiosities

The man instantly furrowed his brows. "What actually transpired?"

"It's pertaining to Pass up Worriless." Skeleton was reluctant.

"Articulate," Ji Xiuran explained.

"See them and wipe out without mercy!" the guy commanded.

"How's the specific situation with the Fearless Alliance?" Ji Xiuran questioned.

"Millimeters," Ji Xiuran decided.

"Miss Worriless… f-declined towards the Zhou friends and family, the Tong loved ones, and Li Chun's ploy… and was taken," Skeleton reported truthfully.


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Skeleton was amazed. It was to begin with in their lifestyle which he experienced ever seen his become an expert in in the brink of shedding all rationality. When got the always-scheming and assured Emperor Ji start looking the way in which he did right now?!

"You're one working hard…" Worriless Nie retorted. "Oh yeah right—lately, the Tong family, the Zhou family, and therefore Li Chun you beaten have produced message that they would like life… You understand about that, perfect?"

A few days later, interior study regarding Emperor Ji's head office:

"Millimeters," Ji Xiuran predetermined.