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Novel - Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1200 Don't You Want This Family Anymore? naive daughter

"Let's meet often from now on. I'll allow you to believe me."

The chat between your two men was really a mental health conflict to try each other's profits.

When Tangning discovered the guy about the amusement media, she uncovered herself naturally emotion watchful of him. She often judged a person's spirit through their view, and that man's view searched fatigued but ferocious.

That evening, soon after coming back home, Mo Ting advised Tangning regarding the invite and requested, "Do you want to go along with me? I experience the most rea.s.sured with you by my side."

Tangning shook her brain in response, "Make sure you pass on your own. I'll stay home instead of make you fear."

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Tangning shook her travel in response, "You must pass by yourself. I'll stay home and never get you to be concerned."

Mo Ting froze to get a secondly before he nodded his top of your head, "Obviously."

"Zichen has his following appointment on the doctor's into two time," Mo Ting reminded.

"But, I retain feeling as though something's away," Tangning claimed confusedly. She held sensation like there was clearly some thing she hadn't found out nevertheless.

Two days and nights down the road, Mo Ting came to Dynasty Accommodation in order to reach with Nangong Quan. Dressed in a greyish match, Nangong Quan smiled when he welcomed Mo Ting coming from a desk next to the home window.

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"It wasn't feasible for me to get to this time. I don't want my child to give up her dad over an older grudge."

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"Oh, of course, that's right," Tangning appreciated.

"Oh, certainly, that's correct," Tangning valued.

From Mo Ting's viewpoint, he worried about Tangning, but he never cared for her as an average ladies. After all, her opportunity to judge a predicament was far better than any mankind. So, he chosen to tell her almost everything so she could organize it.


"Would you like to alert the Madam about it?" Lu Che asked as he peeked with the invites beside Mo Ting's fretting hand.

"Oh, of course, that's appropriate," Tangning recalled.

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Therefore, Elder Mo cooperated using the cops to take the Nangong Loved ones downward. He given over some important data along with Elder Nangong confessed to prison.


"Oh yeah, certainly, that's perfect," Tangning remembered.

"Would you like to tell the Madam regarding this?" Lu Che inquired because he peeked in the invites beside Mo Ting's hand.

"Managed Leader Nangong simply invitation me here to hook up?"

Tangning could see the fear in Mo Ting's eye, so she teased, "Is Chief executive Mo worried?"

"Okay," Tangning nodded.

"Are you going to go?"

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"I'm talking about other suggestions," the previous man humphed. "He plays the exact same sneaky methods that his grandpa useful to play."

That night time, right after returning home, Mo Ting advised Tangning regarding the invitation and inquired, "Do you want to pick me? I see the most rea.s.sured to you by my side."

Tangning could begin to see the worry in Mo Ting's eyeballs, so she teased, "Is Leader Mo scared?"

Immediately after Elder Mo found the news, he immediately provided Mo Ting a phone call, "Offers the rascal in the Nangong Loved ones created you any difficulties?"

"OK," Tangning nodded.

Tangning grasped that she was overreacting a little, but who realized what Nangong Quan's net profit was? After all, that they had never crossed pathways before and that he had been a ferocious offender.

Mo Ting obtained the invites and threw it aside immediately after using a glance at it, "Nangong Quan hopes to meet up with."


"It wasn't feasible for me to access this point. I don't want my girl to forfeit her dad over a well used grudge."

From Mo Ting's perception, he worried about Tangning, but he never treated her as an typical most women. In fact, her capacity to judge a scenario was greater than any guy. So, he decided to tell her all the things so she could get prepared for it.

"Do you desire to inform the Madam in regards to this?" Lu Che asked since he peeked on the invitation beside Mo Ting's palm.