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Novel - Dragon King's Son-In-Law - Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Chapter 467 chess dance

This white colored jade sleep was three meters large and three meters prolonged, so there was clearly still a length between your two . Having said that, people were still 'sleeping' on a single bed furniture, so Hao Ren quickly sat up upright .

This location couldn't even be called an area it turned out for instance a top-cla.s.s presidential package . The ultra 'living room' is made of dark colored rocks . Because of the black colored colors, it looked solemn and splendid .

At this point, Su Han had taken off her sapphire violet 1-item costume and was using the dark-colored robe .

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Every cultivator jailed in the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was extremely bad . Usually, the local dragon palaces would manage them themselves rather then letting the Dragon G.o.d Shrine perform function .

"Um…" Hao Ren was speechless .

The Dragon G.o.d Shrine would not eliminate them but would keep these secured up for centuries . Some prisoners wouldn't have the ability to conclude their phrases before they kick the bucket .

'Our room…' This phrase sounded somewhat strange .


The four opportunities which were recently unlocked in their dragon central have been nurtured through the cozy power .

Hao Ren quickly applied his fingers to block as the hundun sword energies shown up before his arms . He couldn't call off the ability, so his body flew backward uncontrollably!

The Dragon G.o.d Shrine would not wipe out them but would keep these secured up for centuries . Some prisoners wouldn't be capable of complete their sentences before they perish .

Su Han searched direct at Hao Ren with lazer beam view .

Su Han dressed in the dark robe manufactured her look considerably das.h.i.+ng than normal, but she was still pretty inside of a one of a kind way .  She enjoyed wearing white colored, but her white-colored robes were usually bigger, creating her start looking a tad fluffy . The extended silk black robe was actually a tad firmer in her, displaying additional body curves .

The floor was dark, as well as desks and desks were actually also crafted from black stones . Having said that, they were not tough since they ended up being polished soft . Also, the type fact interior was even denser than out of doors!

Su Han stated calmly as she driven Hao Ren to the cloister .

Each and every cultivator imprisoned within the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was extremely wicked . Normally, the local dragon palaces would manage them themselves as an alternative to making the Dragon G.o.d Shrine do the operate .

To contact point 3, a point 1 inspector will have to finish numerous objectives and acc.u.mulate loads of involvement points, or they would need to boost their realms greatly .

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He had off his shirt and place in the black colored robe . He obtained put on a comparable robe when he partic.i.p.ated within the Dragon G.o.d Shrine's normal exam, so he didn't possess any not familiar sentiments .

To always be the localised inspector for any Eastern side Beach Metropolis, one had to be at least a amount 3 inspector . The Dragon G.o.d Shrine's design was mainly to satisfy Su Han's hopes .

She had some actions and found that Hao Ren was still sitting in the corner of the surrounding . She looked rear coldly and said, "How come you not finding up?"

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"Little child from Eastern Seas! I didn't assume that you simply section of sh*t could become an inspector! The Dragon G.o.d Shrine is getting weaker!" A sharp but violent sound sounded from Hao Ren's kept .

Su Han stared at him without saying something . Then, she suddenly changed approximately, established the rock door, and went out .

"Performed something happen?" Su Han requested Hao Ren as she suddenly turned to him .

This has been just like a very best-cla.s.s package that floated within the heavens!

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-Eastern side Seas Metropolis-


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Su Han managed her usual quiet expression, at the forefront . She employed her common constructed strengthen and reported, "You may notice an individual you intend to fight, you could possibly accept her or him inside a fight . Whenever they get, they are able to get several years off their phrases . But it is advisable to try to remember, they don't keep back . "

Breaking The Limits

Su Han had taken out her expression and put it during the ding on the home .

"The bed…" Hao Ren looked all over . "Are these claims the only one?"

The amount 1 and level 2 inspectors bowed directly to them from afar .

Su Han's phrases cut off Hao Ren's expertise .

 "For the next 2 months, I'll enhance here hoping smashing through my latest plateau," Su Han appeared up at Hao Ren and said . She was holding her throat together fingers .

She was just donning her undergarments, and her system was more gorgeous than all of the designs Hao Ren acquired observed on television and also in magazines .

There were two slots in Hao Ren's hands and wrists while he position his hands and wrists alongside one another as he made an effort to block . Thus, when Su Han drew the sword, Hao Ren sensed very painful ache .

He noticed much like the your bones in the entire body had been all shattered .


To attain level 3, a degree 1 inspector will have to finish numerous objectives and lots of participation points, or they would have to grow their realms considerably .

Hao Ren walked in and found a 'bedroom' inside the package .

Hao Ren lied down on the bright jade sleep and started to take advantage of the Lightweight Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, and it also was not anymore ice cold . Contrastingly, he observed a comfortable vitality embracing him .

"The space above is ours . " Su Han reported when she discovered Hao Ren pausing .

The 4 opportunities which are recently unlocked in his dragon main were actually nurtured by the hot power .

Su Han stared at him without stating something . Then, she suddenly made around, opened up the natural stone door, and went out .