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Chapter 1470 - Chapter 147-: Two People Dead Determined to Save Face pail destroy

“Are you moving or perhaps not? If you’re heading, my aircraft is left for the airport. You can easily have me.”

What happens if they grew to be successful down the road?

“Guess the place I am?”

She was staying in the other party’s education for that trade, and they allocated everyone just one room. She also organized to appear about, for it was many years because she past visited S Town.


Finally, the institution thinking about how he could well be displeased if Gu Jingyan required the chairperson situation on the university student union, since he possessed a thorough quantity of power.

“She gone all alone?”

He was always one presenting in!

An individual like her would never give in to the lifetime of her.

When Aged Xu place down the cellphone, the people all around him inquired him what was going on.

She would rest minimal as long as they shared with her to.

Just one was Lu Beichen’s most loved, a Ferrari. The other one had been a Porsche.

“What? You’re in S Location? The place?”

They arrived at S Area right away. Lu Beichen immediately went to the headquarters in the Lu loved ones here and got two autos.

“Yes. The school sent her there. Just her by itself.”

Every time they arrived at the entrance, Old Xu cheerfully called Gu Jingyan.

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Upon observing Lu Beichen get so agitated, Old Xu and Minor Q were definitely on the verge of die of fun.

Nonetheless, as the university had established for her for taking an financial system cla.s.s, it is going to make her friends and family concerned and would request her to take the initially cla.s.s.

They took a private jet belonging to Older Xu’s family members.

Gu Jingyan still believed disappointed considering it. It was actually all as he failed to have a minimal account and was far too showy any person.

If they attained the entry ways, Older Xu cheerfully termed Gu Jingyan.

At the same time, the teacher identified as Gu Jingyan to your business office.

The mentor stated, “It could be excellent if this were someone else. But this is certainly Lu Beichen… It is nothing like you don’t know how much have an impact on they have. He’s an online celeb now. Have you figured out what a web famous person is? It means that everyone is aware him, so he’s approximately the same being a celeb.”

Amazing. After the quarrel, she was getting chased off to S Metropolis to protect yourself from difficulty.

Feel sorry about? He would not be sorry. Why would he regret it?

The Idler in France

That daytime, they resolutely flew to S Metropolis with each other.

When they arrived at the entry ways, Aged Xu cheerfully called Gu Jingyan.

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Aged Xu shown to themself that he was doing a pretty work pretending.

Another person like her would not give in for any life of her.