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Hao Ren experienced hidden his atmosphere with the Seven-Main Five-Shade Lotus though Xie Yujia's Center Creation Kingdom strength couldn't activate the perfect super mounting bolts.

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Along with the great s.h.i.+eld promoting them, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia landed in the location.

Hao Ren's rate was fast that some very low-leveled cultivators who were in government official's uniforms and have been soaring in the reduced atmosphere didn't even notice him.

Hao Ren obtained hidden his aura while using Seven-Main Five-Coloration Lotus even though Xie Yujia's Primary Structure Kingdom sturdiness couldn't initialize the divine lightning mounting bolts.

"Grandaddy, I've memorized it! Even when I can't turned into a celestial become an expert in, I wish to function as Leading in our Terrific Liang Dynasty! I'll recite the 3 Individuality Cla.s.sic in your case..."

Considering that the bright white dragon wasn't a metal-elemental dragon, the Nascent Spirit Kingdom cultivators ended up about to episode but hesitated in the sight of your female cultivator who was located on the back of the bright white dragon.

Hao Ren even suspected that he had been stuck by G.o.d Cloud Dao's sense array growth.

Into their confusion and stress, they almost believed that Xie Yujia was obviously a cultivator who got to Eighth Heaven from above.

When Zhao Kuo improved into his dragon kind as he was at maximum Qian-stage during his Incredible Tribulation, he didn't have such impressive dragon wings!

The ground on Eighth Paradise got limited the outdoors substance. Even so, the better they flew, plus the much closer they got to the mountaintops, the more extreme the character basis obtained.

Keeping his grandson's fretting hand, the existing guy laughed and walked away across the large avenue paved with environmentally friendly stones.

"Hehehe! Little Ye! Don't forget. These are the Celestial Experts of G.o.d Cloud Dao who secure us." The previous person patted the pinnacle of his grandson and looked at the cultivators respectfully.

In the meantime, these people were surprised called Qingfeng Hermit.

The surroundings here was much more attractive in comparison to the perspective on 7th Paradise!

Beneath the weighty clouds, Hao Ren was stunned to find out medieval locations. It absolutely was a fresh world!

He developed the five-elemental nature essences simultaneously and had the full five-elemental mystic crystal, that had been why he got the total features!

Although Hao Ren acquired escaped in the primary blockage of your cultivators, he couldn't dodge the array development identified through the G.o.d Cloud Dao on Eighth Heaven. The heavenly super mounting bolts hidden within the clouds smacked toward Hao Ren's dragon develop due to the fact he wasn't a metal-elemental dragon.

Hao Ren even believed that he has been caught by G.o.d Cloud Dao's illusion variety formation.

Meanwhile, these folks were stunned known as Qingfeng Hermit.

Hao Ren tumbled his massive dragon entire body and suddenly changed to his our develop before putting on a long robe quickly.

Hao Ren's speed was so fast that some minimal-leveled cultivators who are in government official's outfits and ended up hovering during the low sky didn't even observe him.

"Grandfather, I've memorized it! Regardless of whether I can't developed into a celestial master, I wish to become the Highest regarded of our Fantastic Liang Dynasty! I'll recite the 3 Identity Cla.s.sic in your case..."

All those divine super mounting bolts shooting coming from the clouds dropped their focus on and dispersed inside the great skies.

"Hahaha! Highest regarded! My grandson would be the top..."

Viewing this sight, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia considered the other and felt like they were within a goal.

"Grand daddy! I would like to be a celestial master! I wish to safeguard our Fantastic Liang Dynasty!" the tiny child yelled.

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Giving up Hao Ren's assist, Xie Yujia declined coming from the heavens. She was about to summon her Ruyi Towel when Hao Ren stuck her and delivered her to the floor.

Seeing this appearance, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia viewed the other person and observed like these were inside a desire.

His dragon kind obtained all the features of the dragon as well as scales, wings, horns, and claws!

Inside the metropolitan areas on Eighth Paradise, the folks existed satisfied and productive lives it absolutely was unimaginable.

Break... Regarding a dozens perfect lightning bolts crashed down through the significant heavens.

Standing upright below the eaves of an cloth retail store, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia investigated each other and comprehended that they had come to the excellent Liang Dynasty.

A Bound Of Honour

Experiencing the cultivators who were searching for them hovering absent, Hao Ren required Xie Yujia's hand and flew up softly.

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"Haha... Not every person becomes a celestial master... Have you ever memorized three of the Character Cla.s.sic i coached you yesterday?"

When he was in the clouds, Hao Ren had found that the mortals' metropolitan areas were definitely constructed on land when cultivators' palaces have been designed around the great mountains.