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Chapter 1582 Let's Get Married abundant pail

Mu Feiran was speechless.

She considered him, sobbing. "Commitment me…"

The following day.

But it really was what she was planning inside.

But currently, she was calmly making the bride's position, plus it was therefore that she felt…

Then it could be very good for getting married to him…

Out of the blue, cheers rang out.

She could relaxation a.s.sured and continue with her shooting and next go back home when drained. She didn't need to say nearly anything and can even just lay out and sleeping.

Why do she all of a sudden say that…

Black color Eagle looked over her. "I feel like I should still enroll in the burial."

Black Eagle said, "How will it be inauspicious? "

Mu Feiran sensed panicked. She considered him and shouted, "Dark-colored Eagle, if… in the event you don't go, I… I'll consent to wed you."

He thought about how he obtained handled Black color Eagle through the years.

What would he do…

Why did she abruptly say that…

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He lifted her and spun her around.

Everybody was stunned.

Nonetheless it was what she was wondering inside.

It amazed every person for a second before they understood your situation.

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Mr. Big's vision turned dark.

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Dark-colored Eagle experienced always willingly been defeated and scolded, not retaliating in any way.

On condition that he didn't go, he would be secure.

Dark colored Eagle was stunned.

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Nevertheless it was what she was pondering inside.

Dark colored Eagle waved his hands. "Just let them know that your particular manager is fast paced preparing for his wedding day, also it won't be auspicious to be."

Chapter 1582 Let’s Get Married