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Chapter 619 - Why Are You Jealous... better scrape

Many of the learners didn't know who Zhao Hongyu was, but Jiang Yuan and other students during the Artistry Program realized she was the leader on the well-known LOM business!

“This is probably the explanation why even Vice Lu backside Hao Ren,” she thought.

Since only several of the photographs could be printed, these were important selections! Each one image possessed Melody Qingya's trademark, leading them to be all the more precious.

Hao Ren didn't even spare her a glance!

She considered she was really, but she was no match up for Su Han!

Sporting her, she possessed organized to discover Hao Ren to show her grat.i.tude and apologize inside a lower-profile way before offering him the authorized snap shots. Having said that, she was in the middle of the students and was delayed on her behalf visit.

Naturally, he didn't make the upheaval.

Seeing her mom driving absent, Zhao Yanzi dashed out of your audience and hit her hands.

Hao Ren didn't even spare her a peek!

Wrecked but not Ruined

Zhou Liren dashed as soon as the motor vehicle, but he raced again immediately acknowledging that he couldn't meet up with Track Qingya. He clutched Hao Ren and reported, “Brother Ren! You might be awesome!”

Considering the fact that only a number of the pictures could be circulated, these were precious choices! Each one photograph obtained Music Qingya's personal, leading them to be more useful.

Excluding the number of who could end up painters, many of the learners inside the Disciplines Software wanted to come to be developers and designers. LOM studio room was the best structural studio room in the nation and even in the earth!

Who was Zhao Hongyu's partner? The CEO of Mingri Crew, the money sponsor of Eastern Seashore Institution!

The bodyguards wanted to move up to hinder the icy natural beauty because of their expert intuition, nonetheless they stopped once they saw her sight.

Listening to their conversation, Jiang Yuan learned that Xie Yujia also appeared near with Zhao Hongyu.

The bodyguards ended up mostly retired troopers. Whenever they noticed Su Han, they sensed an indescribable hazard behind her beautiful vision.

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“With this kind of superb presence and delicate and stylish demeanor, her backdrop is probably significantly better than mine!” she thinking, “I even desired taking Hao Ren from her area easily.”

The individuals the Calligraphy Golf club also made approach for her, not daring to bar an authorized inspector.

“Brother Ren! Brother Ren! Supply a number of the images!” Zhou Liren grabbed Hao Ren's left arm similar to a little girl who had been begging for consideration.

When Tune Qingya was identified by students and induced an upheaval among the learners, Su Han still didn't want to show up for such a minor matter.

Zi… A black color SUV suddenly discontinued behind the audience.

Seeing her mum driving a car absent, Zhao Yanzi dashed out of your masses and attained her hand.

Track Qingya's enthusiasts out of the school reacted suddenly and hurried once the automobile, hoping to get Tune Qingya's special and acquire photos together with her!

The scholars during the extended distance witnessed Su Han talk with Tune Qingya for your small.

“Sister Zhao!” Piece of music Qingya waved her palm and walked over with Hao Ren.

The bodyguards ended up mostly retired soldiers. Whenever they noticed Su Han, they sensed an indescribable threat behind her gorgeous eyeballs.

“Watch your actions and do not bring about upheavals inside the college.” Su Han stared at Hao Ren together with her attractive eyes.

Hao Ren viewed Su Han in astonish, wanting to know why she obtained emerge when Tune Qingya gave some thing to him.

“Erm-hum.” Su Han nodded and looked over Music Qingya.

“Ok…” Piece of music Qingya nodded carefully, careful with this significant-level inspector despite her ident.i.ty being a committed princess of South Ocean.

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Naturally, it was actually nothing like everyone may have an evening meal at Zhao Hongyu's household!

“Humph! No!” Zhao Yanzi set aside the photographs, providing Zhou Liren a firm refusal.

“Erm-hum.” Su Han nodded and considered Tune Qingya.

Viewing Zhao Hongyu speak animatedly with Hao Ren, Jiang Yuan instantly recognized that Hao Ren's level was far greater than hers!

Zhou Liren dashed after the auto, but he raced again immediately with the knowledge that he couldn't catch up with Track Qingya. He clutched Hao Ren and reported, “Brother Ren! You will be great!”

On the group, Jiang Yan observed Su Han leave in amazement. She possessed heard about the near associations.h.i.+p between Hao Ren and Su Han, plus the rumor was proved today!

“Sister Zhao!” Track Qingya waved her fingers and went in excess of with Hao Ren.