Benefits and drawbacks of Online Learning This COVID19 Pandemic

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Like a classroom teacher then, now online help guide my select and lucky angels, well, everyday hurdle continues to be tough, challenging and, sometimes, taxing on the psyche. Yes, not all my learners have the capability to coping up since they do not have the appropriate technology like android cellphone, iPad, desktop, laptop or any of those educational tools some of the lucky few have.

Well, because of the said situation, I, first, believe that parents could make a move worthwhile for his or her kids' education by exerting all efforts to get a functional cellphone befitting an online class. However, there are varied logic behind why some parents would not have the ability to provide their children such mainly because of poverty, joblessness, not enough education or motivation maintaining current trends in education setup and delivery of learning especially this COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyway, you'll find positives and negatives of online education, particularly for blended learning, for the kids and parents alike.


1. Kids are now able to have enough navigating the several applications around in an attempt to getting lessons absorbed, used in their daily grind.

2. Parents are able to see how their kiddos are employing their learning time. They may even help them budget their time in order to do all task available sans getting other tasks left behind. Teachers, at all like me, are sending home guide for students, in the role of reference, for their subjects to get taken to get a specific time, using a quantity of minutes included.

3. Kids can show their skills in making use of the world wide web, say in researching to get a story to learn, an image to write an essay on, and facts about important events of all time especially during holidays and also other commemorative exercises in Social Science subjects, to mention one.

4. Parents have time to aid their kids making use of their task in reading and writing, likewise the issues their children encountering in numeracy, science etc.

5. Kids have also time to get more talkative facing their camera or what while answering questions, sharing stories along with other activities where speaking may be the target especially about how they go to town, with full confidence without worrying about face to face interactions.

6. Parents, mostly, contain the opportunity to learn also, type of using a overview of their previous schooling; naturally, with updated info where irrelevant ones ended up changed to more appropriate one, particularly with Science subjects, say amount of planets, etc.

7. Kids also have an opportunity to become world citizens learning everything online of products and collaborating to learners around the world. Yes, teachers must have a pal teacher from another country, say a Science class within the Philippines co-learning with Science class in USA about the different landscapes during wintertime, and, of course the sunny weather in the Philippines. With videos, photos and stuff like that, both learners in these two countries could learn a lot from each slide presentation shared through Google Meet, Zoom meeting, among other technological tools befitting for this purpose.


1. Youngsters with no reliable net connection are still behind in terms of learning online. However, with modules available around; well, all people have an opportunity to learn the concepts, samples and deep learning when a conscientious teacher implements enrichment or remediation programs if you are needing those. Yes, creativity is vital toward providing every one of the learning the possiblility to kids facing technological challenges in online learning. Besides lacking those gadgets like android cellphone, lappie or desktop, internet load also gets to be a hindrance, for who are able to afford such when parents are jobless, in dire poverty so you know what.

2. Parents suffer stress increasingly when their kids cannot keep pace making use of their peers, neighbors in competition using their kids, and other scenarios about unequal opportunities, an unfortunate reality majority within my class belongs to this situation wherein keeping with the Juans isn't feasible to complete.

3. Kids, those people who are enterprising and many types of, turn to online cheating. Yes, you will find there's group chat where solutions to modules are increasingly being uploaded and a lazy bone will undoubtedly copy paste those and viola, get the perfect score, the buzz later much like highest honors and the like. Oh my gosh, this sorry condition of education is actually a training ground for future leaders who won't do sane things but to self-aggrandizement, and so on.

There you have it. If however you be clear of such challenges, you might be fortunate coping up with all these challenges, and would emerge victorious having continuity of learning amid this hard time. However, grit, resiliency and perseverance, could be our saving grace when facing these glaring realities. No matter what challenges come in our way toward teaching/learning journey, we are always expecting the very best result through good effort. Keep head high, always. Keep safe, sane plus a saint. Cheers!

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