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Novel - The Bloodline System - The Bloodline System

Chapter 163 - Reaching The Tower glib uncovered

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"Idiots," A brand new participant with small stature and a great appear stated though walking to the sitting vicinity.

"Uh? Don't be so prideful cos I acknowledged your strength!" He shouted out.

"What happened back there? Why performed we will need to experience that?" Angy requested that has a appearance of confusion.

"Eh? Don't communicate with me so casually," The natural green-skinned girl voiced by helping cover their a repressed appear and proceeded to disregard him.

"You're not actually truly worth ranking in doing my shadow, Ria," Teemee responded.

"Hmph! We shall see!" The participant with spiky orange frizzy hair voiced out.

"What actually transpired back there? Why have we will need to proceed through that?" Angy questioned with a appearance of uncertainty.

-"You're one who's fragile, loudmouth!"

The participant with spiky orange locks stared at the individual that obtained just came by using a careful search.

"Ptoi!" He spat out, "Lot of losers, see how they all appear frightened,"

Even though viewing Gustav and Angy, they just stared for a few seconds before dismissing them.


"Hmm, Angy, remember the thing i stated?" Gustav requested though making his jaw bone on his fist.

These were members who had been teleported on this page. They were about sixty of which, and they also all acquired tensed-appearing facial looks.

Other individuals also got issues with fending over the AIs.

"Angy, enter in the circle," Gustav shouted out.

"Ptoi!" He spat out, "Ton of losers, understand how all of them start looking frightened,"

The set Gustav and Angy ended up in also turned up after some time.

"Primary phase?" Angy asked having a seem of bewilderment, "though the badge mentioned signing up was by eight am... The exam isn't expected to commence till then," She put in.

"You don't seem like those weaklings," He stated using a grin towards the gal beside him.

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In excess of fifty beautiful groups suddenly showed up around the tower right while watching contributors in close proximity to hitting its bottom.

Most of the participants mentioned. They were provoked by his terms and voiced their anger, but he overlooked them and set amongst his hands in the kept hearing.

"Angy, go into the circle," Gustav shouted out.

"Hmm, to be prepared for excitement?" Angy reported having a appear of uncertainty.


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Right away these folks were within all the different fifty ft . in obtaining on the tower's starting point, beautiful azure groups sprang out on the floor round the tower.

Other participants also obtained troubles with fending over the AIs.

Gustav and Angy went forwards and discovered somewhere to sit.

"Hmm?" Gustav turned to face her.

It might appear to be which the banter involving Ria as well as green-skinned girl with the participant that later showed up, Teemee, built the tense environment lessen up somewhat.


"What actually transpired back there? Why managed we will need to endure that?" Angy requested by using a search of confusion and stress.


"Uh? Don't be so prideful cos I identified your sturdiness!" He shouted out.

"Uh? Don't be so prideful cos I identified your energy!" He shouted out.

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Even after seeing Gustav and Angy, they merely stared for a couple moments before disregarding them.