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Dorothy Dale's Great Secret

Novel - Dual Cultivation - Dual Cultivation

Three Twisted Stories

Chapter 914 - Inside the Frozen Azure Cave daily cabbage

Su Yang converted to check out other part on the home, where a significant black color lizard with dark colored scales in addition to a crimson mark that resembled a facial area on its back was staring at them.

Despite the fact that he possessed a lot of treasures interior his dark colored pouch which may handle the Green-Confronted Lizard, he didn't dare to contact for this, being the Green-Faced Lizard would get rid of him prior to he can even consider some of his treasures out, much less utilize them. Thus, he could only decide to start with the marble that had been previously in their grip.

"Let's improve. Hopefully, there won't be any further wonderful beasts since i have simply have more of them talismans."

'F.u.c.k! What the heck is this monster performing here?! How made it happen get in the Frosty Azure Cave! Don't inform me it climbed all the way up up on this page?!' Su Yang cursed inwardly, while he initially thought that the Reddish-Presented Lizard was inside of the mountain valley.

"Don't shift! That is the Red-Encountered Lizard! Any immediate moves and will also assault," he was quoted saying to her making use of faith based good sense.

Su Yang's activity froze as he sensed this force, and the body system subconsciously switched around to see really the only entry ways that was also an get out of for that Frosty Azure Cave.

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Most likely she was also owning a tiny overdue like him? Or even she left behind actually?

On the other hand, the Sword Will caught up to your enchanting monster almost instantly, tearing its ma.s.sive human body to shreds just like fast.

'She's not in this article?' Su Yang brought up his eye-brows.

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Just before Su Yang can even accomplish his phrase, his physique froze when a horrible aura suddenly packed the site.

More serious, he spotted some modest activities via the Green-Faced Lizard mouth area. It turned out clearly getting ready to infiltration all of them with its unavoidable poison spit.

"So you want to decide on death, huh? Then perish in my opinion!"

"Don't proceed! This is the Green-Presented Lizard! Any immediate motions and it will surely episode," he stated to her working with faith based good sense.

Possibly she was also having a little latter like him? Or maybe she left previously?

"Let's accelerate. With a little luck, there won't be any further wonderful beasts since I just have more of such talismans."

"Let's improve. With a little luck, there won't be any longer enchanting beasts since i have end up with more of the talismans."

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"Ziyi…" Su Yang mumbled in a low tone of voice as he found a breathtakingly lovely G.o.ddess standing upright via the front door having a sooth appear on the ethereal facial area, and she was using a dark colored consistent he didn't recognize.

"Don't shift! That is the Reddish-Faced Lizard! Any rapid movements and will also assault," he said to her by using divine sense.

In truth, two of three of the magical beasts converted around and flew gone an instant down the road.​​

Well before Su Yang could even complete his sentence, his entire body froze any time a horrible atmosphere suddenly packed the spot.

Su Yang went for the sparkling pond and looked round the spot, but Luo Ziyi was not anywhere to be noticed.

"Xiao Rong, let's—"

"Xiao Rong, let's—"

60 minutes later, they finally found the optimum point with the hill, wherein a ma.s.sive cave entry can be seen.

The talisman immediately started off giving off a gentle glowing ambiance.

The Assemble of Goddes

Immediately after walking for a couple of miles over a dim pathway that was somewhat lit with the shining wall surfaces that would expand happier when they journeyed further, they already have finally came at the conclusion of the Iced Azure Cave, a s.p.a.cious and fully lit up region with a pond at the center.

'T-This presence… Impossible! What's that point performing here?!'

Even so, one of those made a decision to continue to be and then chase down Su Yang and Xiao Rong, its vision flickering with getting rid of intent which could suffocate even a Divine Soul World cultivator.

1 hour afterwards, they finally found the optimum point from the mountain peak, where a ma.s.sive cave entrance can be observed.

"Sword Talisman!" Su Yang thrown the talisman within the inbound wonderful monster.

Having said that, among them wanted to remain and continue to chase down Su Yang and Xiao Rong, its sight flickering with hurting motive that can suffocate a Divine Spirit World cultivator.