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Chapter 596 blood secretary

"This Hao Ren has achieved the Nascent Heart and soul World at such a small age… Perhaps he is not young, nevertheless the way he acted fails to feel old…" Duan Yao secretly peeked at Hao Ren and imagined he was better than all her pursuers in their sect .

Bam! A streak of wonderful lightweight shattered from the cave entry and struck toward the sky .

Zhao Yanzi's harm was mainly in the arm . Should the harm were actually even closer her heart, it might have been terminal .

"I'm great!" Xie Yujia dragged her hand back again and place for the music band-products .

"Crunch… Crunch…" These 'golden flaky objects' in Duan Yao's vision created sharp appears into their mouths, plus the pleasant odour permeated the cave .

"Eh…" Hao Ren did not spot the reductions in Xie Yujia's palm . Now that he discovered these scary heavy cuts, he was heartbroken .

This jewel was unbreakable, so Duan Yao was not nervous they can might eliminate it .

Zhao Yanzi actually failed to make a great deal difficulties . One thing was whenever someone messed along with her, she must combat lower back . Over-all, she was just too naïve about Fifth Heaven .

As he looked carefully, there have been also superficial reddish signifies on her arm they seemed to be developed by tree divisions . Because they were short, it was subsequently difficult to location them without having to pay close up focus .

"Crunch… Crunch…" These 'golden flaky objects' in Duan Yao's eyeballs manufactured fresh appears into their mouths, as well as the pleasant odour permeated the cave .

"This dharma prize will only be stimulated by fire-elemental mother nature heart and soul . Your the outdoors basis is normal water-elemental, and that means you cannot make use of it," Hao Ren stated .

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Xie Yujia just risked her life to utilize the demonic bow to avoid wasting Zhao Yanzi, after which she was assaulted by Duan Yao's Sky-Changing Stamp .

"I'm quickly hungry, and so i geared up them!" Zhao Yanzi solved .

The serious Atmosphere-Turning Stamp still did not proceed .

"Launch!" Zhao Yanzi tried once more .

"Rumble…" Her feeling hungry abdominal started to make noises .

"Very little Bright, arrive at involve some!" Zhao Yanzi threw several items to Minor Bright .

"This dharma jewel are only able to be stimulated by fire-elemental aspect fact . Your aspect fact is h2o-elemental, so you cannot put it to use," Hao Ren explained .


"Crunch… Crunch…" These 'golden flaky objects' in Duan Yao's vision built clean appears with their mouths, and also the fairly sweet scent permeated the cave .

She experienced witnessed the potency of the Heavens-Switching Stamp . She imagined if she can use this dharma jewel, she will help later once the cultivators of Sky Mountain / hill Sect cultivators infected .

"No, no, no… What am I planning! He already has two concubines . Also, we have been mortal foes . Even if we are on simple terminology, because the dignified daughter of Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect Learn, I would not give in and grow into a concubine!" Duan Yao considered .

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"I'm okay!" Xie Yujia drawn her fingers again and place for the band-products .

"Try to eat something…" Zhao Yanzi exposed a product of rice pudding and gifted it to Xie Yujia .

Duan Yao still glared at Zhao Yanzi soundlessly .

Hao Ren found Zhao Yanzi's elaborate seem and guessed that it was because Xie Yujia risked her lifestyle to conserve Zhao Yanzi, so the second option needs to be experience responsible now .

Xie Yujia's accidents ended up mainly internal . She almost exhausted all her character heart and soul to power the demonic bow since Sky-Turning Stamp continuously bombarded her . Flying gravel also kept signifies in her epidermis, and lots of modest blood vessels in their body have been also busted .

The Main Dipper Constellation Scroll that Duan Yao cultivated was received by Atmosphere Mountain peak Sect from 7th Paradise . Considering the fact that Heavens Mountain peak Sect hoped to pa.s.s down this method, they requested one which was without distinctive specifications . As a result, that was why Zhao Yanzi may possibly also farming this technique .

Duan Yao still glared at Zhao Yanzi silently .

However, this Skies-Transforming Stamp was diverse . It absolutely was Duan Yao's great granddad-master's individual dharma prize, and he was of real fireplace body type .

The pile of treats that Zhao Yanzi delivered over included beverages, chips, ham, beef jerky, salty species of fish, rice pudding…

She had witnessed the effectiveness of the Sky-Turning Stamp . She imagined if she could use this dharma value, she may help later as soon as the cultivators of Skies Hill Sect cultivators infected .

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She little her mouth just a little to wake herself up . Then, she believed the elixir product that Hao Ren provided her was which affects her .

When he appeared tightly, there was also superficial crimson represents on the left arm they seemed to be produced by plant branches . Given that they were short, it turned out hard to recognize them without having to pay close recognition .

The truth is, she did not only carry food items . During the last couple of trips to Fifth Heaven, she also helped bring other things such as a fur cover for any gemstone bed furniture, plushy toy characters, security alarm clocks…

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The injury on the tongue obtained already cured, and her shoulder joint which has been stabbed by Xie Yujia's power arrow also started to heal .

Duan Yao still glared at Zhao Yanzi soundlessly .

Inside the valley, the wonderful s.h.i.+eld was still generating groups .

Zhao Yanzi's injury was mainly for the arm . If the injury ended up even closer her center, it would have been fatal .

"Consume something…" Zhao Yanzi exposed a jar of rice pudding and gave it to Xie Yujia .

There had been several cultivators of Skies Mountain / hill Sect who sought her, but Duan Yao's purpose was the Nascent Heart and soul Realm . Her grand granddad-grasp informed her she had the potential of getting to the Nascent Heart and soul Realm, so she obtained not fallen deeply in love with any kind of those pursuers .

The hubby in their own wishes at the minimum must be in the Nascent Soul Kingdom, but almost all of the Nascent Spirit Kingdom cultivators were actually older adult men . Therefore, she was aggravated .

Xie Yujia found Duan Yao's term, shook her brain having a look, and continued sketching her basis-securing remarks .

He immediately gotten to over and got Xie Yujia's palm, in which he observed serious reductions jogging through her palm and hands and fingers!

Using the Atmosphere-Rotating Stamp heightened, Zhao Yanzi hesitated for several mere seconds and place down her left arm . She was just looking to frighten Duan Yao .

Xie Yujia's Living-Passing away Remarks might also mimic five-elemental the outdoors essence, but her world was small, so she had not been able to working with a substantial-amount dharma treasure such as this without worrying about distinctive dharma spell .

Xie Yujia's Everyday life-Fatality Information can also imitate five-elemental the outdoors fact, but her kingdom was low, so she was not effective at utilizing a large-levels dharma jewel similar to this minus the one of a kind dharma spell .