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Chapter 784 - Cursed Treasure trousers mellow

Buttercup Gold And Other Stories

"Oh yeah? You're back again? How did it go?" Lian Li questioned them after they left behind the variety bedroom.

"This really is indeed the Flower of Resurrection," Su Yang nodded with a teeth on his face. "Here's the cherish you wished for doing this."

Ode To Longevity

"I see…" Lian Li nodded.

"Good. We can keep on the trade after I see everything." Su Yang claimed, and then he went back to examining the set home that had across a hundred treasures.

The time Su Yang handled the wooden sword, black smoke started coming out, almost like it was actually scorching his epidermis.



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A tremendous stress sprang out in the neighborhood, and the sword in Su Yang's fingers gushed with dark flames.

"Fantastic. We will carry on the trade after I see whatever else .." Su Yang reported, and that he went back to going through the collection place who had over a hundred treasures.

Ability to hear Su Yang's terms, Ji Hong immediately jerked his hands back a startled method, much like he accidentally handled one thing too hot.

"Excellent. We can keep on the swap after I see everything." Su Yang explained, and he returned to checking out the selection room which had during a hundred treasures.

"Many thanks completely on your business, prestigious guest. Let me remove it for you."

"When it breaks or cracks over some thing so basic, it isn't deserving of getting called a cursed cherish." Su Yang said which has a grin on his experience.

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"Thanks a lot very much to your small business, esteemed guest. Let me remove it to suit your needs."

"Should you head should i have a go?" Su Yang expected Ji Hong an instant down the road.

"Oh? You're back? How made it happen go?" Lian Li required them once they eventually left the series area.

Little Susy's Little Servants


Ji Hong and Lian Li proceeded to length themselves from Su Yang.


"In the event it breaks over anything so uncomplicated, it isn't deserving of becoming called a cursed jewel." Su Yang reported having a teeth on his facial area.

Once they had been distanced plenty of, Su Yang launched a protective formation around himself in case.

"n.o.physique really realizes, but because cursed treasures generally have their own personal awareness, men and women feel they may be spiritual treasures which happen to have converted satanic after earning a unique consciousness." Su Yang reported.

In case the cursed tool enjoyed a facial area to generate an expression today, it may well definitely turn into a facial area filled up with concern and distress.

"I question just a Divine-standard value can endure that…" Lian Li also mumbled.

"In addition, have you been really fine with stopping it? It may be cursed, but it's' still a value nevertheless…" Ji Hong questioned him out of fascination.

Su Yang swung the sword towards skies the second after, submitting a ma.s.sive arc of black color fire hovering in the cursed weapon.

"Fantastic. We are able to keep on the change after I see anything else." Su Yang claimed, and he went back to studying the series area which had over a hundred treasures.

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The Paradise Having Attack taken the whole cursed prize and ongoing to fly on the heavens, utilizing the cursed sword from it.

At some point later on, they turned up in a very substantial and drain court somewhere in the Ji Family's domestic.

Ji Hong's jaw bone dropped to the floor as he seen Su Yang's sturdiness.

Having said that, on their shock, they may view a tiny dot in the sky that grew more substantial and greater.

Su Yang nodded and defined to her their existing situation.

"When it pauses over a thing so simple, it isn't deserving of getting termed as a cursed prize." Su Yang mentioned which has a laugh on his facial area.

"Oh yeah? You're again? How did it go?" Lian Li asked them whenever they left behind the series space.

Some time later, they turned up in the large and unfilled court somewhere in the Ji Family's family.

Once they were actually distanced more than enough, Su Yang developed a defensive creation around himself in case.

"Acceptable, esteemed visitor. You could do whatever you desire below." Ji Hong believed to them.