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Chapter 609 - Did You Girls Have Fun? ahead defiant

"Then were you happy with the experience?"

"To imagine she'd been covering her skill all along…"

"Calm down, other sisters. Su Yang eventually left earlier when you females ended up completely knocked out in the center of our cultivation." Disciple Xiao said to them.

"Naturally, I would personally be enthusiastic. I am just surrounded by numerous beauties, after all."

"R-Genuinely? You don't need to do a whole lot for people, Master…"

Feeling her intrinsic the wall surfaces staying torn apart by Su Yang's ma.s.sive shaft, Disciple Xiao m.o.a.ned loudly.

"Your endurance is merely too monstrous, Su Yang… I seem like you won't be fulfilled even though there's one hundred of people," explained Disciple Xiao.

"I cannot agree much more, Sibling Jia."

Two hours afterwards, the disciples set about getting up.

"Don't say it was all a dream?!"

At some point after, he stated to her, "I'm about to make primary. When you young girls ever desire to develop again, you recognize where to locate me."


"R-Actually? You don't have to do that much for us, Master…"

Disciple Xiao's m.o.a.ning was pa.s.sionate that it'd turned on the disciples that were still tired from their workout session with Su Yang.

Chapter 609 - Have You Young girls Have Fun?


"Oh… so that we weren't dreaming…"

"I had given up all believe once we kept the sect, but alas, give thanks to the heavens that Su Yang is who he is."

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"I Then will forgive you for returning so latter." Su Liqing mentioned, and she continuing, "Anyhow, I will conclude everyone's work now on my own. You can all go residence and rest some other."

"Su Yang… exactly how much endurance have you got? You merely cultivated with 15 of people without having a one split, however you are still as full of energy as whenever we first started out!" They thought to him with awe in their sound.

"I had given up all hope when we finally remaining the sect, but alas, appreciate the heavens that Su Yang is who he or she is."

Soon after another 10-20 minutes of intense cultivation, when Disciple Xiao could no longer go through the satisfaction, Su Yang launched enough Yang Qi to fulfill a tiny container into her cave.

"In any case, let's clear and return to the Treatments Hall. I think we've been long gone for too long."

Su Liqing then inquired them, "Look at yourselves. How can you perform if you cannot even stay still without shaking? Generally If I express that I am going to manage it, i will perform so."

"Hmm? When performed I fall into deep sleep?"

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"Naturally you are going to." Su Liqing explained.

"Really!" They nodded once more.

2 hours after, the disciples commenced waking up.

"Not surprisingly you might." Su Liqing mentioned.


"Don't even discuss it."

"Anyhow, let's tidy up and resume the Remedies Hall. I do think we've been went for too long."

However, Su Yang continuously plunged his rod into her golf hole, giving shocking feelings across her entire body.

"I had cast aside all wish if we left the sect, but alas, say thanks to the heavens that Su Yang is who he or she is."

Su Yang nodded, and following Disciple Xiao flipped her body system, he rubbed his huge shaft on her slit before piercing her snug cave.

"Ten rounds? Now you are chatting, Su Yang."